Narrative in Professional Contexts

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The narrative is about a soldier on the battle field. The soldier is in Iraq with his rifle as he reads an article that well defines the emotional stress that can spike adrenaline and stun your heart. This, of course, can cause quick death if it happens to someone. Among the other ways that one can die in the battle field, the soldier learned that this was one of the ways that one could die. These other ways according to the solder are; through a bullet, through beheading and through bomb which is actually the main way that most people in the battle field die through. The author says that as they walk around or drive around the battle field they all wait for death but luck runs along for his survival.

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“Narrative in Professional Contexts”

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The author has been hit once by the bomb, but it was shoddy hence the impact was not rampant.  The bombs are usually hidden in dead dogs and donkeys; they are also hidden in garbage sites this keeps the soldier in wonder every moment as they pass in their car during a patrol on the site that has the hidden bombs. During the thanks giving, the author and his unit were assigned the duty to clear a certain intersection for the arrival of one of the commanders from their company. As they patrol they come across a creator that had been formed by an exploded bomb that saw a few soldiers injured.

They also discover a garbage correction that was not exciting a few days ago. They approach the waste and realizes that there was a bomb. The invite of the bomb squad and they explode the bomb. They talk about what would have happened if they did not realize the bomb (Mockenhaupt, 2006).

I highly agree with this article on the information given by the author about the experience in the battle field. To be honest, it is too much that the soldiers go through on the battle field that most of them risk their lives. They experience the opposition or the enemy with all their munitions of any kinds. Especially in Iraq where the war involved all the techniques from the enemy. It is true to say that they were to experience any death that the enemy prepares to execute. There is the most common method as the author has outlined that it is the major way to die in the battle field, which is booming. Suicide bombers prepare themselves and mostly finds people and even the soldiers unprepared killing many people and injuring others. Hidden bombs are also a big challenge to them; this is because there are very many situations that they may not realize the existence of the bombs. To me when the author says that they work waiting for that bomb that may explode only that luck is by their side, I say it’s right. This means that every day, they stay prepared for the worst. The impact at which the bombs explodes, it is true to say that they heavily cause damage and if anyone is within the range of the explosion of the bomb, becomes a victim. It is very likely that the bombs can easily kill if someone is close to the bomb site.

Fear and tension run through the minds of the people that are involved in the battle field. This is because they know very well that anything of any kind may happen because they are not safe. Being in the foreign land fighting the resident criminals, makes the soldiers be at high risk in that the enemy knows the terrain better and therefore can easily hide and strike. This leaves the soldier with tension and always on the lookout for that kind of situation. It may seem easy to assume that there is no fear in the military officers but they fear for their lives which are always at risk in the battle field. I, therefore, agree with the author for saying that every day they wonder if the bomb will explode on them.

Making it through the day without experiencing the challenges of war, like being a victim of the bomb makes the soldiers spend some time talking about the day that they had and the crazy things that were during the day. This can be a good way that they use to relieve their tension. Careless group and those who do not take careful observations in their way during patrol can easily fall into the traps, and this can cause many deaths and injuries to the entire group.

In conclusion, it is important to appreciate the sacrifice that the military group offers for the protection of the nation. In fact, without them there is little peace or even no peace at all there is little peace or even no peace at all. With their help, there is a better place to stay making life to be better.

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