A Personal Narrative of how my Grandfather Inspires me

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When I think of people who inspire me in life there is one name that comes to mind. It is the name of my grandfather on my father's side. My grandpa and I are very close. I have lived in the house next to his for my entire life. Some people think that it is weirs that we are so close but I don't. He inspires me in many different ways. First he is one of the strongest men I know, and not just physically. He has battled cancer twice and won both times. He fought with everything in him to not leave his family behind. Second he is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure his family is taken care of. I recently had car problems while up at school, my car broke down and I was not able to fix it on my own.

My father and grandfather both took the time to drive three hours to come fix my car and drive me home and back to school a week later. My grandfather was willing to take a time out of his day to come get me. Another reason he inspires me is because of his accomplishments. He was one of the best airplane mechanic when he was in the Air Force. While doing this he learned so many things, he knows the most random facts that are very interesting to hear. You can have the most random question and he will most likely have an answer for it. He is always willing to help me with my homework when I needed it, if something wasn't working he knew how to fix it, if I didn't know how to do something he would teach me.

He is always willing to help me when I need it. He does this for my whole family. He and my dad always seem to have a project they are working on together. Whether it is building a deck on the side of our house or rebuilding a Jeep from the ground up. Whenever something needs fixing he and my dad are always working together to fix it. To me his ethics seem very true. He is willing to help whoever needs it. He has a very pure heart and is willing to share it with anyone who needs it. His life style is very relaxed. He is retired and spends most of his time with my grandma Patty. He is very interested in going to the shooting range, he has started to make his own bullets and targets. My grandfather is the most inspiring person in my life and I don't know what I would do without him.

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