Primary Duty of Maintenace in Islamic Law

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“Primary Duty of Maintenace in Islamic Law”

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  • Introduction:

Maintenance is referred to as nafaq, and that ‘comprehends food, raiment along with lodging, through in common parlance, it truly is limited for the very first. Under Islamic rules, man will be responsibility sure to keep the wife. Over in Islam can be exempted from just about any financial earning responsibility. She is titled for maintenance underneath Islamic Law.

  • Primary Duty of Maintenance:

It is the primary duty of husband to maintain her wife. As well as if she is residing in house of the woman father and her husband will not require her to her own house and cohabit with her there. Case Law : Abdul Satar vs. Anwar Begum 1992 ALD 506 It had been held that wife is eligible for receive maintenance allowance from husband, if she hadn’t refused to are living with him without any sufficient reasons. 3. Remedies for Wife:

  1. Wife may file suit in the family court with regard to maintenance.
  2. Wife can in addition file application in the office of chairman of union council.

4. When wife is just not entitled for maintenance: In the following cases the wife is just not entitled for maintenance:

  1. If your lover becomes disobedient.
  2. If she is incapable to perform matrimonial intercourse.
  3. If she will not live with the woman husband unjustifiably.
  4. If she gets to be widow.
  5. If she becomes able to maintain herself.
  6. In case of irregular or emptiness marriage.
  7. Where my wife been taken aside forcibly by someone else.
  8. In case the particular fault is on her own part.
  9. If my wife been imprisoned.
  10. Apostasy.

5. Commitments arising on Matrimony: (i) Wife’s suitable • The wife is eligible for maintenance from the woman husband although she might have the means to help keep herself, and though her husband could be without means. • The actual husband’s duty to keep commences if your particular spouse attains puberty but not before; provided often that she is obedient and makes it. possible for him free access all lawful instances. In addition for the legal obligation to maintain, there may be stipulations in the marriage contract that might render the husband liable to produce a special allowance for the wife. Such allowances tend to be called kharch-I pandan, guzara, mewa khori, and so forth. • An contract for future sepration, however, and for the particular payment of maintenance such an event can be void and against public policy. • A Muslim wife incorporates a just ground for refusal to reside with her partner and she can easily claim separate maintenance against him where she has taken a second wife or maintains a mistress. (ii) To sue: If a husband will not pay maintenance, the wife is eligible for sue for that. Her right may be in line with the substantive law or perhaps she sue within the Code of Legal Procedure, 1980, Section 448 in which case the Court can’t order the partner to pay regarding green sum of Rs. 500 a month. But the wife is just not entitled to beyond maintenance, except underneath Shi’ite and Shafe’I rules, or where there is a distinct understanding. In solving the sum by way of maintenance, the Hedaya together with. Fatawa ‘Alamgiri place down the rule which the judge in working out his discretion should look into the rank and the circumstances of the a couple spouses, a tip which seems to be eminently fair and. (iii) Duration of right: The particular wife’s to certainly maintenance ceases to the death in the woman man.The widow can be therefore not eligible for maintenance during the particular ‘idda of loss of life. It is otherwise regarding divorce, where she is entitled to maintenance during ‘idda. (iv) Failure to maintain, Desertion: • Beneath the Dissolution of Muslim Relationships Act, 1939, Part 2(ii), a wife is eligible for dissolution if the particular husband has unsuccessful or neglected to supply maintenance for an interval of two decades. • In Hanafi Legislation neither inability, not refusal, nor don’t maintain were adequate grounds, but the particular schools of Imam Malik along with Imam Shafe’I regarded as these as right grounds for granting dissolution. (v) Young children and Descendants • A father is bound to maintain his son’s until they achieve puberty and his or her daughters until these are married. He is also responsible for along with unkeep of his or her widowed or divorced girl. An adult son does not need to be maintained unless he or she is infirm. • Should the father is weak, the mother is bound to maintain the youngsters. And, failing the woman, it is the job of the paternal grandaddy. Thus, grandchildren along with lineal descendants in addition possess rights of maintenance. (vi) Daughter-In-Law A father-in-Law can be under nor obligation to maintain his widowed daughter-in-law. (vii) Unlawful Child A father is just not bound to keep an illegitimate kid; but in the particular Hanafi school the mother is bound to support her natural child. 6. Obligations Arising beyond Blood Relationship: (i) Ascendants: A person throughout easy circumstances is bound to maintain his indigent parents, and also his or her grandparents, paternal along with maternal. (ii) Additional relations: The general theory is laid down in the Fatawa ‘Alamgiri: “Every relative from the prohibited degrees is eligible for maintenance, provided of which, if a guy, he is sometimes a child and weak, or, if adult, that he can be infirm or impaired and poor in case a female, that she is poor whether a young child or adult. ” Poor or not, a man is bound to maintain his partner and children; but distant relatives are merely to be maintained should they are poor along with he himself can be ‘in easy circumstances’. See of D. P oker. Mulla: According in order to D. F. Mulla throughout his book ‘Principles of Muhammadan Law’: “If the daddy is poor along with infirm, and the mother also is weak, the obligation to maintain the children lies for the grandfather, provided he or she is in easy circumstances. ” “Persons who definitely are not themselves weak are bound to maintain their poor relations from the prohibited degrees compared to the share which would inherit from their store on their loss of life. ” 7. The liability of husband soon after divorce: After the divorce process the wife is eligible for maintenance doing the of Iddat. 8. Case where wife is just not informed about divorce process: If the divorce is just not communicated to the woman, she is titled for maintenance until she is informed of the particular divorce. 9. Financial debt of Maintenance: The arrears of maintenance are recoverable because the arrears of terrain revenue. 10. Decree of maintenance as much as one thousand is just not appeal able: Decree on the court of maintenance as much as one thousand rupees can be non appeal in a position. 11.According to the sec 9 of MFLO 1961 : (1) In the event any husband does not maintain the wife sufficiently, or where you will discover more wives or girlfriends than 1, fails to help keep them equitably, the actual wife, or many or any of the wives, may besides seeking some other legal solution available apply at the Chairman who shall constitute an Arbitration Council to look for the matter, along with the Arbitration Local authority or council may matter a certification specifying just how much which will be paid while maintenance from the husband. (2) A partner may, within the prescribed manner, within the actual prescribed time period, and about payment on the prescribed cost, prefer a credit card applicatoin for revision on the certificate, towards the Collector concerned and the decision will be final as well as shall not really be called you want in almost any Court. (3) Any kind of amount payable under Sub-section (1) or, (2) in the event that, not paid within the due time, shall always be recoverable while arrears associated with land earnings.


In sub-section (2), the full-stop occurring at the end shall always be replaced by way of a colon as well as thereafter the following proviso will be added, that is: Provided that this Commissioner of your Division may possibly, on a credit card applicatoin made in this particular behalf as well as for reasons to become recorded, transfer a credit card applicatoin for revision on the certificate from your Collector to some other Collector, in order to a Movie director, Local Federal government, or for an Additional Commissioner inside his Section. [Ord. II associated with 1975, Part 2]. Cases of maintenance: 2000 ylr 1449 Lahore Before ch. ijaz ahmad, j Muhammad alam Versus Mst.zarina bibi and 2 other (e) Muhammadan law— Maintenance of minor child responsibility distinguishing factor between western and Pakistani society discuss duty and obligation of the father to maintain his minor child in Pakistan. Judgment: It is also settled proposition of law that according to injunction of Islam it is the duty and obligation of the petitioner to maintain the minor. This is the basic distinguished factor between western society and our society western society talk of human rights only whereas Islam insisted performance of first obligation and duties and then human rights the petitioner cannot be avoided from his duties and obligation above according to the injunction of islam it is the duties and obligation of the petitioner to maintain the minor after addition of article 2A in the constitution. Under muhammandan law a father ordinarily is bound to maintain the child, if it remain with his mother epically when the custody, in consideration of age under the personal law also remain with him. The petition is dismissed.  

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