Main Points of Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Narrator: voice outside the story

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“Main Points of Pride and Prejudice”

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Point of view: third person

Tone: admiration

Quote: While seeing Miss Elizabeth Bennet Mr. William Darcy notices But no sooner had he made it clear to himself and his friends that she hardly had a good feature in her face, than he began to find it was render uncommonly intelligent by the beautiful expression of her dark eyes he was forced to acknowledge her figure to be light and pleasuring: and in spite of his asserting that her manners were not those of the fashionable world, he was caught by their easy playfulness (Austen 12).

Analysis: The quote demonstrates the tone of admiration because Mr. Darcy starts admiring and giving attention to Miss Bennet, eventually he slowly starts falling for her. Mr. Darcy admire Miss Bennet by describing her figure and beauty to be beautiful. Having a bad first impression on Elizabeth because of her status Mr. Darcy began to change how he saw her.

One main character is Elizabeth Bennet and her attitude changes her opinion towards Mr. Darcy when he sent her a letter and after reading it, She grew absolutely ashamed of herself. Of neither Darcy nor Wickham could she think without feeling she had been blind, partial, prejudice, absurd. How despicably I have acted! she cried; I, who have valued myself on my abilities! Who have often disdained the generous candor of my sister, and gratified my vanity in useless or blameable mistrust (Austen 56)! Elizabeth feels prejudice against Mr. Darcy because she found out in her letter that the problems he had with Mr. Wickham were true and that she shouldnt have let herself believe that everything Mr. Wickham told her. Elizabeth blames and is ashamed herself because she questions how she could misinterpret Mr. Darcy and blame him. Elizabeth admits how she could ever be so blinded by pride that she could have acted this way.

One example of theme in Pride and Prejudice is pride can overcome one’s way of looking at someone. Miss Lucas is talking to Miss Bennet about Mr. Darcy and how His pride, said Miss Lucas, does not offend me so much as pride often does, because there is an excuse for it. One cannot wonder that so very fine young man, with family, fortune, everything in his favor, should think highly of himself. If I may so express it, he has a right to be proud (Austen 11).

Miss Lucas has the same opinion with Mr. Darcy because he thinks he has a right to be proud because he has the money and the status to get whatever he wants. It shows that Miss Lucas in some way is prideful for Mr. Darcy because of all the aspects he has in life is basically something everyone should be proud of having. Later on, Miss Elizabeth Bennet is consumed with pride when Miss Bingley tells that all Mr. Wickham told her about his past life and situation with Mr. Darcy is not true. Miss Bennet responds with His guilt and his descent appear by your account to be the same, said Elizabeth angrily; for I have heard you accuse him of nothing worse than being the son of Mr. Darcy’s steward, and of that, I can assure you, he informed me himself (Austen 30). Miss Bennet is prideful of her opinion towards Mr. Darcy that she doesnt believe a word Miss Bingley is saying. Miss Bennet would rather believe Mr. Wickham who she is slowly growing affection than Mr. Darcy who she always has an opinion of.

In Pride and Prejudice, a rich man must always consider marriage, which Mr. and Mrs. Bennet attempt to find husbands for their five daughters, especially Mrs. Bennet who acts like it’s her life goal to do so. At the ball, a rich man, Mr. Bingley introduces Mr. Darcy to the Bennet’s and Mr. Bingley notices and dances with Jane Bennet for most of the night. Jane seems to have interest to Mr. Bingley and Charlotte Lucas discusses with the Bennet’s that Mr. Bingley has an interest to Jane as well. Having Jane and Elizabeth getting closer to the Bingley’s, it’s easier for Mr. Bingley to fall for Jane. Mr. Darcy begins to admire Elizabeth without her or him realizing it. Jane is invited over with the Bingley’s and Mrs. Bennet demands she goes on horseback so if it rains she will have to stay over.

Unfortunately, it does rain and Jane get seriously ill and has to stay over. The Bingley sisters make fun of Elizabeth because they cant believe that she walked three miles to go see Jane and laugh because she in a lower status. The next day, Miss bennet attempts to get Mr. Darcy’s attention but he doesnt care and grows jealous when she sees that Mr. Darcy admiring Elizabeth and even asks her to dance. Elizabeth wants to head back to Longbourn but Mrs. Bennet refuses by not lending them a carriage. Mr. Darcy ignores Elizabeth for the remainder of the time to stop any growing affection. The family learns, if Mr. Bennet passes then his cousin, William Collins, would take the estate.

Mr. Collins is coming and explains that he’s a clergyman, who works for Lady Catherine de Bourgh. In Meryton, the girls see a solider named Mr. Wickham, where Elizabeth and Jane see Darcy and Wickham awkwardly changing colors between then which confuses Elizabeth and Jane what’s happened. Mr. Wickham tells Elizabeth that Mr. Darcy’s father is his godfather and they grew up together. When Darcy’s father died, he left money for him but Darcy was jealous and refused to give him the money, and Lady Catherine encourages Darcy to marry her daughter. There’s a ball coming up and Elizabeth is excited because the ball could get her closer to Wickham and she wants to dance with only him. Unfortunately, for Elizabeth, Wickham doesnt show up and dances with Mr. Darcy instead. After the dance, Miss Bingley grabs Elizabeth and tells her all Mr. Wickham told her about Darcy is false and Elizabeth doesnt believe it. The next day, Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth but declines, causing Mr. Collins to find someone new.

Until, Miss Lucas and Mr. Collins have been spending time together and Mr. Collins proposes to her and she gladly accepts. Mrs. Bennet’s family, the Gardiner’s, come to visit and talk about Janers situation with Mr. Bingley and offer to take her to London. Elizabeth goes to Rosings Park, she’s invited to have dinner with Lady Catherine where she questions Elizabeth’s accomplishments and family, giving her own remark on every reply’s. Then, Mr. Darcy has arrived, and during this time, it seems that Darcy and Elizabeth are getting closer and may be falling for her. In a conversation with Colonel Fitzwilliam, Lady Catherine’s nephew, he tells Elizabeth that Mr. Darcy convinced Mr. Bingley not to marry Jane because he thinks Mr. Bingley loves Jane more than she loves him. Later, Elizabeth finds Darcy confessing his love and proposing and with rage Elizabeth declines because he destroyed Jane’s love life.

The next day, Mr. Darcy has a letter for Elizabeth explaining how he was wrong for going between Jane and Mr. Bingley and Wickham desired more money after Darcy’s father died and he tried to start a relationship with Georgiana Darcy, and Elizabeth rereads the letter and realizes she been a fool for not believing Darcy. Elizabeth learns that Darcy is leaving, but doesnt want to see him because she’s embarrassed with herself. Then Jane and Elizabeth go back home. In the next days, Elizabeth will be going to the Gardiner’s estate and when she arrives, she is surrounded by talk of Darcy and sees a portrait of him. Receiving bad news Elizabeth gets a letter that Wickham is marrying Lydia and that she needs go home immediately. The Gardiners are confused why Lydia is marrying Wickham if she has no money and isnt planning to marry yet. The search for Wickham and Lydia has not been successful and it turns out Wickham is in debt.

A few days later, they were found, unmarried and it will cost thousands of pounds for him to marry Lydia. When Lydia arrives to home acting like nothing happened, Lydia reveals a secret that Darcy was at her wedding ceremony. It turns out that Mr. Darcy bribed Wickham to marry Lydia because if he didnt, it would have ruined the Bennet’s reputation. Mr. Bingley comes back to Netherfield with Mr. Darcy and the Bennet’s invite them for dinner and they accepted. Mr. Bingley still has his intentions to marry Jane and the whole family is estatic when he does. Then, Lady Catherine comes asking for Elizabeth and she commands that she wont accept any proposal from Mr. Darcy because he’s going to marry her daughter even though they arent engaged.

Then, Mr. Darcy comes to Longborn with Bingley and finds himself alone with Elizabeth and she starts thanking him for helping out her family and they exchange their feelings and confess that they both love each other. They both agree to marry and theyll need to talk to Mr. Bennet’s to ask for Elizabeth’s hand in marriage, and right away write letters to the family to tell them about the engagement. Eventually, Mr. Bingley and Jane and Darcy and Elizabeth get married with the rest of the Bennet’s at home and Lydia is still happily married and everyone is glad dont have to worry about finding a man.

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