My Impressions from Ender’s Game

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Ender’s Game

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“My Impressions from Ender’s Game”

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Although this book is based on a futuristic image this book Ender’s Game is one of its kind. It’s a science fiction book written by Orson Scott Card. The reason why I choose this book because it gives a display of memories of what a heroic image is. The memories gave a rooted understanding on moral issues, making personal sacrifices and imposing self-discipline. Card wrote four novels in a series about Ender and the story of his life. The publisher of Ender’s Game is a company called Tom Doherty Associates. Card was born on 24 August, 1951. He is an American author, critic, public speaker, essayist and political activist. He wrote books in several genres, but is primarily known for his science fiction. Card novel “Ender’s Game” and its sequel “Speaker for the Dead”1986 both won Hugo and Nebula Awards.

The setting of Ender’s Game was generally on earth and the school in space. The season based on when he came back to earth was summer based on the description of the time by the heat and sunburns that Ender got. The time of the whole event seemed to take place probably in the twenty-second century. This is shown through the advanced technology: the monitor, battleships, Dr. Device and other things such as computers. Most of the book took place inside of the Battle School, a school for young elites and intelligent children.

The list of the description of characters are consist of:

Ender – The younger brother of Peter and Valentine, six year old Ender is chosen by Colonel Graff to help save the earth from the buggers. Ender has a strong fear of his brother and loves his sister. Ender has a strong mind and learns to overcome situations by the age of nine he is given his own army to command. Ender held an anger towards the people who manipulated him throughout the novel.

Valentine Valentine is Ender’s older sister. She became his protector especially from their older brother Peter. Valentine grew a strong interest in the world’s political views and began to spark influence over the growing situation.

Peter – Ender’s older brother Peter is gifted and very manipulative. He has a similar strength towards the only difference is that he acts without no remorse. Colonel Graff – Graff has a strong faith in Ender although he manipulates him, he also loved him for who he was. Graff is the head of the Battle School until Ender left. He is one of the few characters who actually allowed Ender to be his child like self and also demanded him to be better. He was also put under trial after the war for the deaths of Stilson and Bonzo.

Mazer Rackham Rackham is one of Ender’s last teachers. Rackham is also one of those who misled Ender into thinking he is causing confusion and explains to him that no one but a child could have won the war.

Major Anderson – Second in command to Colonel Graff at the Battle School, Major Anderson main responsibility is to setup the battle room scenarios.

Bean – Ender’s last friend at Battle School, Bean is very intelligent and unique in his own way. Bean helps Ender throughout the time with the Dragon Army and hold on to humanity. He became one of Ender’s commanders against the buggers.

Alai As the story continues Alai became Ender’s best friend and helped him gained popularity among the other recruits.

Dink Meeker – Ender’s platoon leader in Rat Army, Dink has a very great mind when came to strategy.

Petra Arkanian – Petra taught Ender how to fight in the battle room. Through the book they remained acquaintances and became one of Ender’s commanders for the battle against the buggers.

Bonzo Madrid – Bonzo is an enemy of Ender’s and the commander of Salamander Army. He faced a man to man battle with Ender’ which also brought him to his death.

StilsonStilson is an enemy of Ender’s and usually would gang him at the time before battle school. Later on in the book he also died from a battle from Ender.

Crazy Tom Crazy Tom one of Ender’s toon leaders in Dragon Army. He is very persistent in the way he thinks and quickly look at situation.

The book starts off when Ender was six years old. Ender’s real name is Andrew Wiggin, but he was given the name of Ender as a nickname. Ender has one sister called Valentine and one brother named Peter. Ender had a strong bond between Valentines because they both exchange a very like-minded approach towards their political views. All the children in the school wore a device on their neck that allows people to monitor their every actions. The leaders did this because they wanted to select the smartest of all the children handpicked to create a battle team of soldiers and commanders. This concept was done because an alien race attacked the earth over fifty years ago, So the humans strategized themselves to be ready for the next attack.

Ender losing the monitor placed on his neck, a device which gave access to the government to see and hear whatever he feels. The device was later remove separating him from his pairs. He is the third child of his family which led him to be subjected to scorn and derision.Valentine his older sister grew to become his protector, As Peter continue to grow in envy to brutalize them both. Colonial Hyrum Graff convinced Ender to accompany him to Battle School. At the battle school he will train to fight the Buggers, the aliens that invaded the earth almost fifty years ago and almost destroyed mankind.

In the conclusion of it all Ender’s Game is a fiction book which gives an insight and reflection of the real world we live today. Making personal sacrifices and day to day adjustments I will definitely recommend this book to anyone.



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