Mathematics is Always with Us Even when we Don’t Realize it

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Throughout the entirety of the world, math is used on a daily bases even when you’re not aware of your use of it. Everyday actions such as driving involve some type of math no matter how large or small. Advanced math is used in more technical jobs such as engineering and astronomy. As you go through life you start to realize how math basically runs keeps the world running. Without math most of our necessities would be hindered to some degree. Without our concept of time and time calculation we wouldn’t know what time evening, morning, or night is. All jobs incorporate math of some level, even a basic bagger at a grocery store.

The most basic form of math we use daily is money. Money essentially runs the world on an economical level that affects everyone. You must calculate how much you spend so that you don’t run out of your money. To further advance this, you can incorporate coupons and discounts which involve subtracting and changing prices. Another basic way we use math is setting numbered limits such as timers and setting quantity maxes while changing and halting those limits. The food we cook involves basic math such as timers and addition. When you put something in the oven you change the degree it needs to cook at to accommodate what you are cooking. These examples are known as arithmetic math or basic math such as addition and subtraction.

The computers and phones we use today incorporate some type of mathematical computation to function properly. If your phone or computer has a calculator it already uses math in some way. But on the inside, there are a lot of mathematical processes that make your computer or phone run. It must calculate the temperature so that it can notify you of overheating or improper cooling systems. Your phone also always has to calculate your battery level to give you an accurate reading of power left in your phone. Your phone constantly takes in data from the internet to produce accurate information for your use. Unless set manually, your time and date would be inaccurate without the data taken from the connection of the internet. Phones and computer constantly use math whenever they are powered on giving you access to anything at any time.

Construction of objects and buildings require a large amount of math processes such as measurement and geometry. Constructors must build there constructions stably, this requires accurate measurement and calculations to achieve this. If the slightest measurement is off about their construction, its integrity is compromised making it unsafe. Architects make sure the building is built correctly with structural support and accurate calculations. Correct measurement through the evaluation of geometrical shapes keeps buildings safe for use by the people who enter them every day.

Statistics is a helpful process that allows us to organize data and information into a chart or graph. Most people create a grocery list consisting of different items and quantities of that item, this is an example of statistics. Economics is heavily associated with statistics in that it defines the status of the economy. Bad statistics for a country such as GDP or gross domestic product, a total value of services and goods produced by a nation. Countries have to keep this GDP at a somewhat balance never going to high or low. If a GDP is to low or lowering to fast the economy is not stable and the country is going down with it. If a GDP is to high the demand for money will increase as well to accommodate for the new GDP. Even one statistic such as the GDP of a country affects our daily lives whether we know it or not.

From basic to advanced mathematics, our world revolves around math and its large amount of process. Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and statistic are just some of the areas of math that we use in our everyday lives. From big to small everything we do involves some of math. Without math our daily lives would not be the same, cars, phones, computers would all work differently or not exist at all. Math is an integral part of this universe allowing us to calculate and formulate numbers into a variety of uses in our daily lives.

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