Migration Essay

Running head: Migration Migration Pedro Pappa Mater Academy A. P Human-Geography P. 4 Abstract Politics and the government has not always been favored by everyone and that’s how some wars start by either discussing and not agreeing with each others ideas and that’s how a war starts. Though different wars are caused by different reasons and have different outcomes. Through out all of history there have been many wars and those wars are still going and wars will never stop with in humanity. Wars seem to have many effects that change the country, continent or even the world.

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One of the different effects that wars do is migration which is the physical movement of human-beings from one place to another. Migration cause people to immigrate and emigrate from different countries. Migration Migration can be caused because of many reasons the most common reason for which people migrate is war. Such as right now in the Middle East with the war that we are going though, many Iraqis and Afghanistan’s are fleeing their country because they want to find a better life and education for their children or people leave because they do not want to be massacred because of the war.

Migration is the physical movement from one location to another. So what some people migration have many reasons for it, such as religious persecutions, war, and even back in time people would migrate because of food, shelter, and water. The sad part of migration from one place to another is that the income from the country that you came from has no value or a very low value in the new country that you immigrated to. The war going on in the Middle East causes this and it is not like there are a few people that emigrate from the country but people are fleeing into other countries and those countries have to give them refuge.

Two years ago the most countries that Iraqis immigrated are Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, the bad thing is that eight percent of Iraqis left to these countries and now these countries have to set up refuge for them because they are not going to back to their country. This is not the first time that many people flee from on country to another. In World War II because of the invasion from the Germans a lot of people left the country because they did not want to get involved with the war so they left.

Many countries that were neutral with the war accept a few of them but when millions of people flee a country the country tends to close their borders. With these countries that are around Iraq they are going to go through a lot of trouble especially with the funding, so the United Nations has to fund extra money so they can be able to fund for these refugees. In the 1970s immigration was limited so no one could enter the country but because of that the oil prices increased and the export of oil increased and the oil caused a market from foreign neighbors. Then later on in 1991 1. million fled from Iraqis to Turkey or Iran to get away from Saddam Hussein’s repressing rule. Most of the refuges went to Kurd which was a location not controlled by Iraq territory but later on there was a war with Iraq against the Kurds. Later on the different countries such as Iran and Palestine started to take Iraqis in for refuge. Even though some people leave their countries for opportunities or because they seem to be forced the most known reason for why people migrate is because of the fear that scares them away. All the violence, all the riots that happen in a country that scares people to look for safety.

Safety in one country seems to be why people change from their location. In Columbia there are people who are similar to terrorist in the Middle East. In Columbia the terrorist are called guerilla they terrorize the celebrities and people who have money so that they can abduct the close family members and loved ones to get their money from them. So that caused many families that had a good amount of money to leave their better income for the safety of their family and not only that but also there are drug dealers that kill people to be on the top of the chain in the drug cartel.

So there are two cause factors that make a person migrate, there are terrorist and drug dealers that cause problems in one nation. So now rich Columbians who lived a good and wealthy life, wasted their wealth to keep safe in a new country with their family. Yet some people were migrated because of a forced migration, such as slaves in Africa that were brought into Europe and America. There are many people who are forced out of the country.

There are many FMR(forced migration review) that show how many people are left and forced to leave their country to be in a safer country and a new country that if a family that are scared to be in Iraq would rather exile their country instead of being in country where the government is collapsing and there are riots and suicide bombings that happen everyday. All the violence that goes on in Iraq does not make it a safe place for anyone or any family to live in. The IOM (The International Organization for Migration) mission in Iraq is pleased to release the first 9 of its 18 updated Iraq Governorate Profiles on Displacement.

They are finding out on how many people leave or flee the country and what their location on their country is. On how far and how many people left the country, the most countries that Iraqis left to were their neighbor countries. It is a smarter idea to leave to a country that is closer to your home country rather than go to a country that is over seas. The fact that the main reason most people leave and flee their country is because of their family to get to a better life style, a better opportunity and a safer place to live in. f a family member goes out of the country to see if that new country that her immigrated into they can see if it suited for their family. That will cause a chain migration for one person to move from one place to another and suggest for that group of people to move into that country to. Which once again goes to the fact that people have to leave their country and go into a new country and lose all of their better income of they had one in their previous country and change to another country where their income is either half or even less.

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