Largest Migration of African American People

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The migration of more than 6 million African Americans happened in 1916-1970 due to unsatisfactory economic opportunities in their current positions. At that time the African Americans were criticized by their color and were discriminated, meaning that they were excluded from some activities. Such as, drinking water, bathrooms, movie theaters, and much more. The African Americans moved to the north for economic relief and better individual rights. Before the African Americans migrated to the north the kkk had been attacking them. Also before they moved all African Americans had to work on farms due to the sharecropping system. While white supremacy had taken toll in the south the African Americans were moving to escape this. Some more segregated parts of the south were that rent got raised a lot. Also white supremacy had not been made illegal in the north so everyone would be equal. So I bet you are asking how they got all the way into the north from the south being over a thousand miles away, well it takes about 19 days on foot to reach the north. Most African Americans did not have any use of transportation so they had to take the 19 day walk to the north. Once the African Americans made it to the north they started making the urban cities into what they thought was urban.

They turned cities that had been all white Into all African American cities. This was a big change because the whites had never had someone stand up against them and change them so drastically. ( in another topic, in a different perspective. This time we will be looking at it from a white person's perspective. When the African Americans moved to the north they moved from the farms making it harder for the farmers to find work due to the sharecropping. Sharecropping made it very hard if you worked on a small farm because you would have to share your fill to the bigger farms as well. So the smaller farm owners suffered really bad. It also crippled the bigger farms because there was no one to do the work so if you had let’s say , 200 acres and you had 50 workers plus yourself working that farm every day you would get done faster. But since they lost a lot of workers it was harder for them to get any work done. Also since they moved up north they took a lot of jobs and space from the white people. Back then they are facing what we are in the U.S. Also since they morphed some cities into what they are today the white peoples had to relocate, to different places around the U.S. so I total this was kinda a win-lose lose-win situation it just matters how you stand and your skin color. And if you have a job as a farmer or as a worker.

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