Midsummer Night’s Dream: List of Scenes

Act I scene i, Begins with Theseus, duke of Athens and Hippolyta the women he will be marrying. They discuss how they want to set up their wedding which will be held in four days. While they were planning their wedding, Egeus a citizen of Athens and his daughter hermia come to see Theseus with a complaint. Egeus has a complaint against his own daughter because she was supposed to marry Demetrius. Hermia’s father has promised her, but now Lysander also a citizen of Athens has won over hernias heart and she has fallen in love. Hermia does not listen to Egeus her father land refuses to marry Demetrius. So Egeus has no other choice but to let the law punish hermia. Theseus tells her if you do not go through with marrying Demetrius there will be consequences and hermia would be sent to a nunnery or put to death.

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“Midsummer Night’s Dream: List of Scenes”

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Theseus then asks Egeus if he could talk to him aside so they begin to talk leaving hermia and Lysander alone to talk, Lysander plans a crazy plan to get married outside of Athens at his aunt’s house that treats him like his son. Doing this they say they will be free from Athens and could finally live there live together and that’s exactly what they planned for the following night.

Act I scene ii, Far from Theseus palace in another place In Athens a group of actors meet at the house of Peter Quince to rehearse a play that will be performed at Theseus and hermias grand wedding. While Peter quince is trying to instruct the meeting the annoying nick bottom interrupts saying that the play they should be about two lovers that are separated by there parents and speak through a wall. But one night Thisbe gets attacked by a loin and Pyramus finds her bloody clothing realizing that the lion has killed his true love which then he commits suicide. After discussing the play Peter quince gives the actors their roles. The very annoying nick bottom tells quince that he should have the roles of the women’s voice or Thisbe or evening the lion because he has the ability to roar the loudest and best. But Peter quince was very worried that he could scare the ladies in the audience which then he would be executed. But nick tells quince that he will be able to roar the sweetest as a nightingale so that nobody will be frightened.Peter finally gets nick to want to play Pyramus because that’s the only part he could play. After Peter quince gets nick bottom to act out the appropriate role for him,The entire group the next night goes out to the woods to rehearse their play.

Act II scene i, while being in the woods two fairies meet and Oberon servants tells Titania that she should be careful and be sure to stay out of Oberon’s sight.

Has you can tell Titania and Oberon are very mad at each other so Titania decides to take little Indian boy that was so handsome but, Oberon wanted him for himself to make this young boy his knight. Ofcourse Titania would not give him up.

After that incident happened one Titania’s servants run into one of Oberon servants known as puck but aslo known for pulling outstanding pranks. But not shortly after the two fairies were interrupted by Oberon and Titania’s coming from opposite sides of the woods they both asked immediately why they were so close to Athens before Theseus and Hermias wedding. Titania explains to oberon that she thinks he is in love with hippolyta and oberon explains to titania that she is in love with theseus.They argue but then the argument then leads to talking about the little indian boy.Oberon insist that titania gives up the boy but titania tells oberon that the little boys mother was a ”devotee” and she must keep the little bo close to her. Soon after titania tells oberon about this she then asks him if he would like to dance with her at the fairy rounds and surprise him with her secrets that she shall reveal at the end of the night.Oberon tells titania that he doesn’t want to until they have come to an argument with the little boy.Titania was not to happy about this but what titaina did not know was that oberon was sure that he will get his revenge at the end at the night. Oberon begins his revenge that was not going to turn out to pretty. Oberon orders his servant puck to find a white and purple flower that was once hit with a cupids bow. Oberon tells puck that if the flowers juice is to be rubbed on anybody’s eyes,when they wake the first person at sight they will fall in love with and of course puck being the prankster he his was gladly to help out. Oberon plan was to rub this substance from the flower and he hoped that when titania was woken she would fall in love with a ridiculous creature. Oberon then said that if she did not give up the little boy he would not lift the love curse.

Act II scene II, After Oberon explained to puck what the plan was puck exstadilky raced to get this flower hit by cupid’s bow. Oberon runs into demetrius and helena but he makes himself invisible to where he could not hear or see them. Demetrius was yelling at helena telling her that he doesn’t love her nor does not want to see her.On the other hand oberon was approaching lysander and hermia and give them a curse, hoping that they will not get married so that Oberon could slay away lysander. But oberon was not done before the night was over he declared that demetrius will be the one chasing helena. Puck then shows up with the magic flower that will be used on titania,oberon tells puck that he knows where titaina usually sleeps and that he will go in and put the substance on her eyelid. Before oberon could do this he ordered puck to go in athens and find a random boy that is running after a young lady and give him this position so that when he wakes he will fall in love with that young lady.oberon tells puck that he will not know this young boy from athens but to still do it and puck was off to also achieve his master’s request. After titiana had her long night of dancing she finally fell asleep and gave oberon his chance to go in and begin his revenge. Oberon sneaks up on titania while she was sleeping and rubbed the position from the flower on to her eyes and hoping that when she wakes she will fall in love with a hideous creature. When oberon was done he felt very accomplished but his night was not over has he was leaving titania he ran into lysander and hermia. Lysander explains ro herima that he has lost the way to his aunts cabin and that they should sleep till the morning she they could find there way in the daylight, they sleep apart because hermia says she wants to ”respect custom and propriety”. Puck on the other had was having a hard time finding a young athen boy that was in love with a young lady so puck gives up until he runs into lysander and hermia of course asleep puck revealed that they weren’t lying next each other. Puck thought that this was the couple oberon was talking about and poured the position right into lysander’s eyes.Helena pursues demetrius only to be insulted and screamed at again she tells him that she is afraid of the dark but he still doesn’t listen and runs off into the woods she runs after him but she could not keep up letting demetrius go. Helena sees that lysander and herima laying down and she awakes lysander not knowing that puck put the position in his eyes. So when lysander awoke helena was the first person he saw and fell in love with her. He begins to tell helena that she was so beautiful but helena keeps trying to remind him that he his in love with hermia.lysander tells helena that hermia means nothing to him but hermia dose to take him seriously and storms off very upset. Lysander then follows helena which then wakes up hermia to find lysander gone and she goes off looking for him.

Act III scene i, The group of actors met at a pointed time to rehearse there play, since they will be performing to a novel crowned. Bottom says that there are certain parts of the play that have to be changed.bottom wants to make theses changes because he fears that Pyramus suicide that bottoms roaring will lead to the groups execution. Other men from the group write a prologue explaining that everyone is in safe hands and no one will actually die. During there acting bottom decided to take a break and step away from the group and when this happened puck the trickster turned him into a ass. When bottom returned to the group they were beyond scared and ran off back to Athens leaving bottom alone in the forest. A little while later Tatiana awake finally to see bottom and surely falls deeply in love with him at first sight. Tatiana was so in love she even ordered her servents to get whatever bottom would like.

Act III scenes II-III, Bottom and titania were really hitting it off,tatiana really was in love with a donkey. Puck later that day tells Oberon that his revenge against tatiana has worked . Although Hermia could not find Lysander after losing him but hermia was still stuck with Demetrius wad , puck was very surprised to see that hermia was walking with Demetrius rather than lysander her true love. puck relizes that he has made a very big mistake and he know has to fix it. Puck tells Oberon and Oberon tells puck he must fix this situation by morning.Puck finds Demetrius and pours the flower juice into his eyes, as Helena finds Lysander and they start yelling at each another this wake up Demetrius and he falls in love with Helena.lysander and Demetrius start arguing over who loves Helena, Helena gets mad and walks off because she think they weren’t serious. Has she walks off she sees hermia and thinks that she has apart to do with the situation so Helena tries telling hermia that she is going to scratch out her eyes and hermia gets very scared. lysander and Demetrius argue to protect them both but they grow very anger and storm off into the forest. Oberon tells puck that he must fix this situation once again but this time by the morning. Puck flies through the forest to find Lysander and Demetrius, puck must fix the problem soon before the sun raises.

Act IV scene I, Titania and bottom still laying together tatiana. Puck and Oberon sneak over to see how Oberon’s plan was going and Oberon would Say it was going excellent . Earlier that day Oberon spoke to Tatiana about the India buy and if she would give him up and she most definitely did. Oberon Now knows that Tatiana will give up the boy so he could now undo the spell.As the magic wore down she was very surprised to see that she was laying next to a donkey.Oberon was very happy to get what he wanted and took Tatiana to the dance .Puck transformed bottoms head back to a normal head has the sun came up, but the night was not over Theseus and his other attendants Hippolyta and egeus enter into the forest, they come across the young Athens laying in the grove. They wake them up and ask them to explain what is going on, they could not explain because they could not remember what had happened all they knew was that demetrius and Helena love each other as do lysander and hermia. So theseus just ordered them all to the temple to where the grand wedding feast.

Act IV scene ii,

At quinces house the group of actors worry about bottom because he still has not returned from the night before. They all worry that he has been captured by a creature in the forest. Flute on of the actors considers that they should go on with the play but it would be impossible because bottom would be the only man that was capable of portraying pyramus. After speaking about what they shall do snug enters the room and announces that Theseus has been married and along with him lysander hermia,Demetrius and Helena, and they are eager to see a play. There only problem was that if they go without bottom, bottom would have to pay a great amount of money in portrayal of Pyramus. Just then bottom returns and comes running into the room. Bottom tells everyone that he has a story to tell and they ask to hear it but he says there is not enough time, and they all go to the dukes palace to perform their play like planned.

Act V scenes I, As everyone in the audience finds there seats , Quince approaches the stage to presents the prologue, once the the prologue was reed. Two actors walk onto the stage and act out has the wall and the moonshine they perform their parts. After bottom was done acting out his part he asked the audience weather or not they wanted to see a epilogue or a dance. Theseus responds with the dance, flute and bottom dance and everyone clapped and the group went on to get some sleep.

Cause and effect between the movie and the play

In the movie there are certain parts that were not played in the movie and this made me very confused on what was going because when reading the play there were many changes.

My opinion between the movie and play:

In my opinion I think that the play was better than the movie. I think this because the play was very descriptive and I felt like the movie had too many changes. They play gathered more of my attention rather than the movie I say this because shakespeare work in the play was very good I enjoyed reading about the midsummer night dream it had a lot of detail and I could see the imagine in my head I think reading the play is also very fanstating to read.

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