A Midsummer Night’s Dream Characters

In act 1 scene 1 the plot starts with Theseus, duke of Athens, and hippolyta, His fiance. Their wedding is in four days under the new moon. Theseus was so impatient for the event and was in a joyous mood. Theseus called philostrate, his master of the revels, to stir up the Athenian youth to merriments and devise entertainments with which the couple might pass sometime until the wedding. After philostrate leaves Theseus promise hippolyta he wooed her with his sword(sparknotes.com). In another part of athen, a group of men meet at a bar with peter quince to rehearse, and go over with who’s playing who, the group hoped to play at the grand celebration of Theseus and hippolyta wedding.quince was holding a meeting of the men, he was trying to conduct the play, but nick bottom was interrupting him with play advice.finally after nick stops interrupting he tells them they are performing a play called: the most lamentable comedy and most cruel death of Pyramus and Thisbe(britannica.com), which is about to lovers who are separated by family feud that travels from their family. That was the exposition in act 1, in act 1, scene 2 philostrate leaves, that is when Egeus arrives with his daughter Hermia,Lysander, and Demetrius. He comes with a complaint against his daughter, Egeus promised her in marriage with Demetrius, but one night he saw her with Lysander. He wants her to marry Demetrius but she like Lysander, if she doesn’t marry demetrius she will be sent to a church to be a nun and die as a virgin or be sentenced to death. That rises tension because now she has 24 hours to choose.

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“A Midsummer Night’s Dream Characters”

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The rising action starts when Hermia and Lysander are going to run away. Lysander tells Hermia they can go to the woods and hide and sleep there for tonight but Helena walks towards them.hermia tells Helena that her and Lysander are leaving and that Demetrius is all hers, Helena thinks if she tells Demetrius that hermia and lysander are leaving that he would love her instead of hermia. But it fails and Demetrius and Helena leave to go find hermia and Lysander. In act 2 scene 1, one of Titania fairies are roaming the woods when Oberon people stop her. Titania and Oberon meet up, when they meet up Oberon sees that Titania has a good looking Indian prince with her, it makes Oberon say he wishes to make him his knight(cliff notes.com),but Titania refuses to give the boy to Oberon. In the movie the perspective is different, in the movie Theseus is a huge dictator while hippolyta is chained up and moves like a fairy and is locked up in a room. In the movie nick bottom and the group of men are middle aged men, also peter quince is a girl. Puck is a half man and half horse while he is a fairy,Helena and Demetrius find the at the end of the woods. Helena and hermia get in a argument, hermia wants to fight Helena but Helena is too scared so she runs while hermia is chasing her.

Lysander and Demetrius get in a argument that makes Demetrius want to fight Lysander, Lysander runs away while Demetrius is chasing him, puck sees this and wants to change them back so he makes Lysander and Demetrius run by using their voices until he knocks them out by each other. I like the movie more than the book, the movie is so creative on how they made Theseus. Theseus seems nice in the book and a little sensitive but in the movie he is an evil dictator who can’t wait to marry hippolyta. Hippolyta in the book seemed like she couldn’t wait to marry Theseus because she loved him but in the movie she didn’t like him or show any expression of loving him. In the movie puck lured Lysander and Demetrius until he knocked them out but in the book he used their voice against them to knock them out. The theme of the scene of the movie was different in the movie, it was raining, storming, and windy while the book they don’t talk about the weather. Act II, scene ii introduces the plot device of the love potion, which Shakespeare uses to explore the comic possibilities inherent in the motif of love out of balance. Oberon’s meddling in the affairs of humans further disrupts the love equilibrium, and the love potion symbolizes the factthat the lovers themselves will not reason out their dilemmas, but magic will resolve this.

Oberon tells puck to put the love potion into Demetrius eyes so he will love Helena because before that Oberon went invisible and overheard Demetrius telling Helena that he does not love her. But instead puck puts it into Lysander eyes while him and hermia sleep, while Helena and Demetrius are walking Helena sees Lysander sleeping so she wakes him up and the potion makes Lysander fall in love with Helena. He begins telling Helena how pretty and cute she is, Helena tells Lysander that he loves hermia but when she say thatLysander says thathermia means nothing to her. Helena believes that Lysander is making fun of her so she gets angry and walks out but Lysander follows her, hermia wakes up is flabbergasted to see that Lysander is gone so she goes into the woods to go find him. William Shakespeare changes the characters affection on how Lysander is in love with hermia but the next day in love with Helena, William Shakespeare mocks the melodramatic afflictions and confusions that love induces in the story.Shakespeare teases the audience by dangling the magic flower as a simple mechanism by which this resolution could be achieved. He uses this mechanism, however, to cycle through a number of increasingly ridiculous arrangements before he allows the love story to arrive at its inevitable happy conclusion(sparknotes.com).

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