Managing the Growth of Small Business Ventures

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“Managing the Growth of Small Business Ventures”

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1.1 Inflation is a measure of the change of prices of goods and services over a period of time whereby it has lead to the increase in the price of cheese burger by the producer .and it has lesson the self- esteem of the Burger King to lower there price of cheese Burger.Burger king is forced to raise the price of the burger to increase in producers prices, however there has been no growth in consumer prices. Due to this , Burger king increases the sale but on the other hand they are facing problem in which they are paying more to the producers whereby cutting out on cheese burger for sale will enable them to cover up for the profit of the company.

1.2assessment rate Sak strand bag impact business operations

The consequence of interest rate on Sak Strandbags business operations has a negative effect as Profit of the Sak Strandbags will be affected massively due to the distribution of the profit in paying the interest rate .however this maybe a negative impact on the company as the controller of the Business might have to think twice before making any changes to the business until the interest rate Is being cleared off as to remain in providing the highest quality of products as to continue in there Success of the business.

1.3assess the implications of unemployment on Max Hamburger restrain business operations if they were to setup in New Zealand

The expansion of Max Hamburger in New Zealand will be regardless as a positive move. In which they contribute more to economic growth moreover the company has been on existent for years. The expansion can answer job seekers in a way to be employed in the work market. As restaurant today most youth are employed in this field today as they are more preferred workers, fresh minds and replacement of employed people who have retired from the markets.

1.4 assesses the implications of investment expending on the business operations of Salvador’s kiwi food and beverage co.

Salvador Company faces difficulties in starting the business but on the other hand they were confident enough to turn it took positive thoughts. After a certain period the demand of the Salvador Company by the customer increase whereby the investment that needs to be taken must be made by the savings and all necessary requirements in order to maintain the profitability of the company.

1.5 Assesses the implications of business confidence on the business operations of glossy pink.

The business owner of Glossy pink magazine was confident enough to create and contribute to a common goal and that is to attain customers and provide opportunities to company in regards to sale. They were effective in making results by inviting investors into the company to boast there sale.

1.6 assesses the possible implications of share market fluctuation on business operations of JVR.

The share market of JVR Company can end up having a high esteem to the name as the sale system Is very effective. However by dealing with construction products it can provide more to economic stability of the country (New Zealand) , it is well known with a positive prospection in the contribution of sales and attraction of more investment.

1.7.1 Credit Availability is the amount of credit to which a borrower has accessibility in a given period of time. In addition it is the remaining amount after subtracting outstanding balance . However as from the Bank point of view credit availability may have a negative impact on borrower in the future with a positive impact on the current situation . In having innovation in creating new ideals is the most important way in which to reach a common goal of the business.

1.7.2 Gross Domestic Product is the market price of goods and services in a given period of time. In regard to the Wing Zone company they would likely face positive result with the current demand and excellent profitability of the country as the company is small . It can exceed more easily due to the demand. Moreover the company can make a better result in the future.

1.7.3 National Income is the total value or the final output of goods and services. In regards to the case study the company would make effective result whereby it provide more to student in regard to the service provided. In doing so they need to make essential and more availability in a way student can depend more on the service they provide which is the basic needs. Nature of the company will definitely be affected with knocking door on the National total amount of money earned within a country , in regard to Wing Zone company it could affect the National Income regard to the environmental location of the company and product they sell. It could be necessary basic need of student whereby it is necessary for the University.

1.7.4. Money Supply simply means the circulation /flow of money within the country at a given period of time. However with regards to Wing Zone Company it can be concluded that the company would benefit whereby the Reserve Bank of New Zealand review records in providing quality decision making.

1.7.5. International trade is the Exchange of goods and services with other country in case Wing Zone cannot attempt in regard to international trade but in a way to make the use of internet whereby they could actually sell their product out of the country. Moreover they could actually find market to buy their product in a cheaper price then buying locally.

1.7.6international Share Market system will not affect Wing Zone company whereby it can bring positive outcome due to the increase demand by customer and investor can be innovated with the creation of new ideas to expend the company.

1.7.7 Currency fluctuation- it affect of the company will be expensive and import product will be indirectly affected they can make a lose in importing.

1.7.8 Balance payment – although the balance payment is added to the deflect over the past few year but it will rise over the years.

Task 2

2.1 disposable income – is simply the amount of money households have in to the business after spending and saving on income taxes since the business expanded in a large amount from one person but know they have more than 250 employers know . They also have a good name in the market since they won awards which is benefit for the company any person will love to purchases product them . the company was really hard working as well.

2.2 population trends- the population trend made by the company is really successful since the company has been gone high in the market. They started with really small business but they grew they name in the market by winning awards since young generation like to experience with their beer and this company has 17 different verities of beer recipe which leading the company really high in the market.

2.3 building permits – it can really help the company in many since it really well developing in the market. The company can have more option in altering the location of the company and the structure of current location , expand and redesign which will help them by getting more customers into the business .

2.4 business surveys – the business survey have research and have collected information on the alcohol industry and they are looking to customers demand and requirement toward the industry. So surveys can really help the business in many ways. Such as meeting customers demand and follow up accordingly to meet it. If the product are meeting the demand of the market the company will really get benefit in increasing of their profit. For that they have to meet the requirement in the industry.

2.5 specialist trade – this factor its important in the company since they will be manage to allocate what they are really getting bad in. so the company will be able to manage it again in many ways. For example they can follow up with the marketing in many ways, improve their customer skills and recipe etc.

Task 3 case study 9 : biofarm products ltd

The biofarm ltd is a company which is specialist in producing natural foods. It is been certified organic since 1986 and second oldest commercial farm still operating. it a multicultural company we can say since most of the worker are not Maori but they respect they culture while they are employed they that company. The whanau, hapu and iwibring which simply mean it’s the pride of Maori. The business is also getting helping by non Maori workers they bring more ideas in the business and heading the business and they also show equal respect of the culture and back of biofram products in also import and export they product in varies countries. The work get the opportunity to work in this company and earn good money.








  • Generally gives rise to income values added tax.

If you making any mistake in the business you will manage to find out and correct the process

While establishment you have to do proper plan in terms of sale and marketing

Meet the requirements to bring new customers into the business and have lots of back up plans.


  • Consumer taste and technology erode sales
  • Force the product into decline death
  • Sales volume decline.

See ways to revive business seeking for help. learn from the mistake and avoid loose

Try to recover the weakness and stay in the business to achieve the goals also avoid the looses as well .


  • It market structures and characteristic.

Meet the business its level ohh standard of their products etc

Solving the business problem in difficulty time and making correct and right decision in future to run the same business in the market.


  • The economic increases the demand for both capital and consumer goods.

This is the place business know what is left in there expansion in the business where they carry out the process of expansion in the business.

Bring new things into the business develop such as tools, staffs should are well educated in this area and expending the buildings.


  • In growth the market history is short and shifting.

Improvement from mistakes. Doing thing more professionally.

More attention on the customers attraction

While the business is growing you have to keep its standard and demands .

Task 5

5.1 The two problem solving method are:

a) analogy- this thinking method is away of finding the solution through the comparisons. In this the process is base on the different facets of the problem to other problems which may or may not has similar facets. Analogy can go similarly like this like employer is been late coming to work quite often so how can I get to solve this problem to him to be at work on time. So I might motivate the staff by telling him about time management , the importance of work on time like for example image if he is a working in front officer in a hotel and guest did a wakeup call at 7am and the worker forgets about that. What can be the result if the guest was getting a flight to overseas and he miss out simply the worker have to pay for another flight in return the company won’t be in charge in dealing in that case. That a easy lesson he can learn from the hotel staff situation.

b) abstraction- is the effective problem problems solving techniques where concepts are used and classified in two types real and concrete.

5.2 identify how the following decision making techniques could help in making a decision about which option to choose to solve the problem

5.2.1 Break even – the correct amount of product to sell to get amount you speeded on that product.

5.2.2. Decision tree- it simply shows how one choice leads to the other sits also support tool for the decision made by any company where the results and chance of resources are effectiveness on the company .

5.2.3 Payoff approach – its mean the flow of cash in the company who ever are in charge of that data and systematic approach to make right decisions at right time.

5.2.4 Professional assistance- mean where the member are given assistance if the company is facing a professional cases.

5.2.5 Group decision making – while making a group decision lot of new ideas will appear in the business and life so you have to focus on importing quality of decision made in groups to mix around your skill in to the business.

5.2.6 Cultural consensus methods- cultural knowledge will help to consider the business its rules and respect which you have to follow in order to fun the business successful certain company have certain rules and regulation.

5.3Formulate at least two (2) strategies which will assist in making a decision and take the appropriate actions. The strategies must consider the cultural appreciation and ethnic values and behavior of the following:

5.3.1 Maori owned operation and operated business– the Maori business should studied there business really carefully since they really respect their land and the customer so inflect they will get more ideas by getting more employers in the business of other races who are living in new Zealand. They will gain a lot through import and export product throughout the business. Since outside people will bring more ideas in the business the owners will have bit difficulty in operation to manage the business due to new cultures influences but they have to scarify to run a successful business. To keep they name in the market.

5.3.2 Asian- owned and operated business – the chiness and Japanese’s are really smart to do they business in this world which everyone knows about it we can see in new Zealand from restaurant to clothing shop there product are really cheap and worth of it. Since they import system are cheap they bring heaps of product from their country and in return they also take product from new Zealand to their country.

5.4You are required to show how you would use the techniques at each stage including your solution to the problem being faced.

5.4.1 Owners who cannot get out of their own way.

In some business the business model is focused on making decisions and taking action. Owners can benefits on decision making tree which make business really profitable and better than previous.

5.4.2 out of control growth- which really help the business to look on their future plans and action they want to take it even to keep everything in balance targets to meet there requirements in the business.

5.4.3 operational inefficiencies- to solve the problem company can use decision making techniques like company are paying bit much on their fix cost and need to make nice balance between payments.

5.4.4 dysfunctional management – here company are really depended on their worker s to keep secret within the company. Employee should also cooperate with employers to have a success in business.

5.4.5 A declining market – solving problem by not breaking the rules and law, dealing with situation professionally and seek help as well.

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