Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Life

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Ludwig Van Beethoven

Ludwig van beethoven was born on December sixteenth 1770. Beethoven came from a very rough background and his father would even end up beating him for playing wrong notes. Now he is known as a amazing artist and amazing composer and musician. He is considered to be the greatest composer of all time. He may have had a rough childhood however he innovated amazing compositions that are still played today. He put together vocals and, instruments to create masterpieces.


Beethoven was born about december sixteenth seventeen seventy seven. He had two brothers who lived into adulthood. One was named Caspar and he was born in seventeen seventy four. His other brother was named Johann he was born in seventeen seventy six. HIs mother was named Maria Magdalena Van Beethoven. People say she was a very moralistic woman. His father's name was Johann Van Beethoven. He was a minor performer. HOwever most people knew him by his alcohol issue and how he was mostly always drunk. People said that he had no musical talent. Ludwigs grandparent Ludwig was an amazing, and gifted musician. Before his two brothers were born his father started teaching Ludwig music.He was taught very brutally. His neighbors had put in accounts of a little boy crying while playing the piano. His father was said to have beaten him for every hesitation or missed note. Almost every day Beethoven was locked in the the cellar for extra practice time. He was deprived of sleep whilst inside the cellar. Beethoven also played the and clavier with his dad. He also took organ lessons regularly. Beethoven had his first recital when he was only six years old. Doctors say that he may have some form of dyslexia. He was not a very good student. He was at his best, an average student. He attended to a Latin grade school. When he was ten he left school to study music full time. He was introduce to Johann Sebastian Bach by his organ teacher. He then proceeded to publish his first composition when he was twelve. Beethoven requested for the position of Assistant Court Organist. Even though he was very young he was accepted. He took on the salary of one hundred and fifty Florins.

Early Career

After the death of the holy Roman Emperor died in seventeen ninety. Beethoven was invited to make a memorial for him. No one knows why his composition was never played. most people assumed that he was not good enough for the task or did not submit it. Later on somebody discovered the piece and it is considered to be one of his most early masterpieces.


Some of Beethoven finest pieces started with Symphony NO. 3. Only a couple weeks after the leader of France Napoleon Bonaparte announced himself as emperor of France Beethoven had his third symphony debuted. He debuted his third symphony in the honor of Napoleon. Many of the people playing in the symphony said that they could not play it after weeks of rehearsal. They said that it was one of the most original and diverse symphonies that was ever made. The Symphony was later named Eroica.

His next most famous symphony is probably Symphony number five. Symphony number five is known for the first four notes of the piece. He began composing this piece in 1804. HIs next Symphony was called Fur Elise It means For Elise. It was not published until forty years after his death. However in 1867 it was discovered by a German scholar. Some people think that it was dedicated to his friend Murise however no one knows who it is dedicated to.

Symphony Number Seven was premiered in Vienna in 1813. He made for the soldiers in Hanau. He began composing this piece in 1811. He called this piece his most energetic piece he has composed. The second movement of this piece is usually played separately from the first. It is widely considered his greatest work. His next greatest piece is Missa Solemnis It was just under ninety minutes in length. It consisted of a chorus, orchestra, and four soloist. It is very rarely played. Many ensembles now perform this piece in concerts around the world.


Beethoven is a very well known composer to this day. He has done some of the greatest works that humankind has ever seen. He impacted the world in an amazing, and outstanding way. He helped to enhance the skills of people who are to come. He showed us so much about music and style. He is in my opinion the greatest musician of all time.

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