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Beethoven was a variety famous for his music. He was born the 1770's and sadly died in the 1827's. Beethoven started losing his hearing in the 1762's but in the 1798's he lost 60% of his hearing but no one ever knows how beethoven lost his hearing it was unknown. Beethoven was part of a music family so that what inspired him to become a magician and be really good at reading. He also very good at the modern piano bear that imprint a demand more resonant and flexible music instruments. Professional orcherset in a large measurement as a vehicle for a incessant of the performance of Beethoven. Art of conducting to emerge for his wake. Beethoven full name is Ludwig Van Beethoven. When Beethoven went deaf it affected his social life and is personality. When Beethoven made his last piece of music people were amazed and really appreciated him because they never seen or heard anything like it. When Beethoven was having a really hard time with his music he was so frustrated and actually attempted to commit suicide. Vienna help Beethoven with his music by helping him study it and get better at music. When Beethoven was eight he study the music piano keyboard theory. He received many piano lesson so he could become better and good at piano. Beethoven study music mostly his hold entire life and that why he was such a good magician because since he study it he got even better each time. In 1794 Beethoven began his career and took any avandected he could to become a good and successful magicians. Beethoven even had a famous movie called Lives Upstairs. In 1811 Beethoven gave up his performance because he wanted to be perfect and really good for the audience. Beethoven also was learn the violin. Beethoven love was hampare because of some class issues. Beethoven simulated and battle himself to write his music. Beethoven made many public performances of his music and mostly always the audience enjoy and really like his music. Beethoven did three period of music. Once Beethoven performed at a musume. When he perform the symphony charity that include chords. There was ninety eight tahe leave and remain fifty nine. Beethoven struggle with his worker because he had a very hard time teaching them. Beethoven wanted the people who was performing his music to be perfect or he would not perform it. Beethoven was the type of person who would push himself into new music to be a better magician. Beethoven love the fact of great success in his life. Usesly Beethoven would sketch his music notes on a piece of paper and played it to see if he like the way it sounded. Beethoven was like a musical instrument. Beethoven honestly hated giving piano lessons to student and anyone else because he only wanted talented student or attractive women in his piano lessons. Most people admire Beethoven as a genius. Sadly Beethoven died later in the 1827 by a thunder store.
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