Beethoven’s Calling in Life

Ludwig Van Beethoven was born to be a musician. Beethoven was baptized on December 17, 1770, in Bonn, Germany. Beethoven’s dad was already a musical composer. His parents wanted to try to make him a musical prodigy, like Mozart, but it didn’t work out. By 1783, he was already a player in the Bonn Opera. As a teenager, Beethoven had published his first composition. Mozart once said about Beethoven, this man will make a great name for himself in the world. When Beethoven turned twenty, he met Joseph Haydn, who was a renowned composer. Joseph Haydn took him under his wing. Haydn brought Bethooven to Vienna, Austria to become his student.

Some people say that Beethoven is the best composer of all time. He is special because he translates emotion into music. His music was exciting, while songs and sonatas by other composers were bland and without feeling. He was best known for his symphonies. His most famous symphonies are Symphony No.5, Symphony No.9, The Moon Light Sonata, and the Twenty Third Piano Sonata. All of these were very popular during Beethoven’s life, especially The Moon Light Sonata. Beethoven remains one of the most famous composers of all time. His Fifth Symphony is one of the most recognized classical songs in history.

Beethoven’s life was far from perfect. His mom died when Beethoven was seventeen, and his dad struggled with a drinking problem. Beethoven started going deaf in his twenties. The cause of Beethoven going deaf is still unknown, but people think it may have been from dunking his head in cold water to keep himself awake. It was far easier to compose when he could hear because he could tell the difference between a high note and a low note. So, he formed his songs from the idea of what was high or low. However, after he went deaf some of his greatest works were born. These include The Five Piano Sonatas and The 9th Symphony. Beethoven died from cirrhosis of the liver on March 26, 1827.

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