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Candidate: There are many events where my beliefs led to change, but the two I would pick are the Save Our Children campaign and the Briggs initiative a.k.a proposition 6. Proposition 6 was a ballot initiative put to a referendum on the California state ballot, lucky for our community the failed initiative that sought to ban gays and lesbians from working in public schools, and anyone who even supported them was not passed. The majority of the people voted no. My belief led to change because the idea for the Briggs initiative was formed during the success of the repeal of the county anti-discrimination language the measure was the first attempt to restrict LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) rights through a statewide ballot, and it showed that gays were a lot stronger than people previously thought. The second event where my belief led to change was during the Save Our Children campaign. was made to reach many more people and I became popular quickly due to my concern for the people. I also knew that by being in office I would be able to be instrumental in placing a ballot initiative approved by Mayor Moscone that successfully replaced citywide elections with district elections, a good start to sponsoring a Civil Rights bill. This bill banning discrimination in public accommodations, housing, and employment based on sexual orientation passed by the supervisors by a vote of 11-1 and co-found a gay democratic club city’s first Democratic Club with the word ‘gay’ in its name, a controversial and radical move this also showed that the LGBT community would fight back because we deserve basic rights just as much as they do.

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Save our Children overturn a recently legislated ordinance that banned discrimination based on employment and public accommodation based on sexual orientation. However, I would not let that happen, not to me, not to any other gay men, boys, or any of my people at all. These people had the idea that we gays were trying to “turn” the children into our lifestyle. This is completely absurd because being gay isn’t a choice. So I did something about it. I mean I’m just a businessman who happens to be gay and although we failed. It was a good start for us. This impacted change because now as a political board member I can speak out and get my message across further than I ever could. We needed a gay man to represent the gays, not some sympathetic liberal, and more people started to look up to me and come out to their families Journalist: “What oppositions/challenges may have hindered the change that you promoted?”

Candidate: Many challenges hindered the change I was promoting. One of the obstacles was a woman named. In 1977 in Miami Florida a political coalition, made to However Anita Bryant, claimed that the ordinance discriminated against her right to teach her children Biblical morality, although I believe that to teach kids that they should discriminate and hate others based on something a human can’t change is nothing god would want. Nevertheless, the well-organized campaign caused a bitter response between the gay community, and for good reason, I would say, and highly motivated Christian finalists. But unfortunately for us when the repeal of the ordinance went to vote, it attracted the largest response in Dade county’s history, and the bill passed by 70%. This was a huge loss for our community but it only encouraged us to fight harder for our rights. A small hiccup like this can’t stop us, nothing can, and if a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door.

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