The LGBT Laws

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Elena Kagan and Stephen Breyer talked about the decision made by the commission and how they did not respect his beliefs. They also talked about the William Jack v. Azucar Bakery case and how different they were. Neil Gorsuch and Samuel Alito had a different opinion. They talked about how differently the commission treated the different cases. Gorsuch and Alito both talked about how the cases were not different. Clarence Thomas both had some of the same basis. She believed that they should have made the case on how the commission treated Phillips and that he should have been able to use his First Amendment. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor agreed with Kagan on that the cases were different. They both did not agree with any of the commissioners. They did not see how the commissioners rude words to Phillips could make the court side with Jack Phillips (“Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado”).

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“The LGBT Laws”

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Andrew T. Walker talks about how there are many effects to the case and Christians. Questions of if people would be able to stay quiet in this matter. If saying no effects them than it may cause some problems for people. Christians should not listen to other peoples ridicule towards them. People have started to take it personally. The way people think about the case changes because of their many feelings that may not be reliable to decide on any of the claims. Since America has a lot of freedoms there are people who have different attitudes that could be hurtful. Peoples feelings need to be based on facts, not on just their feelings. The way someone does not need to be put in the legal sphere. Andrew T. Walker explains that usually, the way people feel inside does not always work out in this matter. We all have to have our own constitutional rights being able to speak our minds.

Andrew T. Walker writes that there are a lot of religions talk about how they use their rights and now there is a lot of discussion on this matter. Anyone who has a different opinion on sexual orientation there causes problems. People are trying to take away the opinions on sexual orientation. They want other people to think the way that they think. Andrew T. Walker writes that they do not want open people do not want Christians to speak their mind. People will put laws in front of Christians and not choose to go with their views. People will use the outcome of the Masterpiece Cake Shop Case to be unfair.

Andrew T. Walker said that Christians say what they think about sexuality is true. Many people thought that Christians should not even put their opinion out there. Andrew T. Walker explains that there are a lot of hardships to this. Some people in power did not want to even look at their views on the topic. People see Christian views as judgmental and wanted to get rid of it. People should of gotten to know the Christian views and realize that it could be okay. The courts do not know a way to deal with certain laws. In the time ahead people will not know the arguments people will have. Christians might have some problems and other organizations that are affiliated with Christians. Christians wanted Jack Phillips to win the case.

Emma Platoff explains that the LGBT community wanted cases that may have came up to not be handled in that same way. Two of the positions are saying that they both won. Texas and Colorado both have differences in their laws. Craig and Mullins decided to take legal action against Jack Phillips to have an anti-discrimination law. In Texas, there are no laws like that. If other couples were in the same circumstances and there would be no law that would keep them from getting discriminated against. Emma Platoff reports that some of the cities in Texas have laws that are similar. Some people want there to be laws like that. Texas needed to protect people and that it is necessary. People in Texas had different views on the topic. Some of them said that there could never be a statewide law and would never pass. The LGBT laws to protect them always came up, but a lot of people are not a fan of that law. Emma Platoff talks about how in 2019, there could be many other cases similar that could come up. In Texas, they had laws that could help religious people to refuse in 2017. The bill called House Bill 385, created to say to the LGBT community wanting to adopt a child to say no.

Jeffrey Trissel wrote that in California, a woman named Cathy Miller (the baker) refused to sell cake to a same-sex couple. The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) took legal action. In Californias laws, it says that her saying no is okay. The (DFEH) tried to make an urgent request. Jeffrey Trissel explains that the cases are different because Cathy Lee said that they would not form a cake for them. Jack Phillips would not even sell them a cake. Cathy Lee recommended that the same-sex couple should go to another bake shop. Cases that deal with the freedom to speak is hard to make decisions for.

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