Legal Data Implications Issues

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Tom Beauchamp and James children discovered health care ethics principles in the year 1985. Ethics principles were established to guide in decision making when health practitioners inevitably encountered difficult circumstances concerning patients. The ethical principles are contained in the data protection Act 1998(DPA1998) besides caldicoff principles of an authentic practice on the additional users of the personal data. The ethical have both legal and illegal impact on both parties involved.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) powers were under justice department and also were under the United States labor department from 1933 to 1940. Its functions ceased when most of its features were transferred to new entities. Uncertainty about legal and authentic requirement has remained unanswered up to date (Danley 2010). The two critical implication to address are confidentiality and quality management.

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Cases against unlimited data overwhelmed the (INS). Health related information requires a high level of restriction. Records confidentiality through security fixed locks cabins should be the best solution. Moreover, cabin keys should be under one staff member management. As a result, patients will have confidence and visit the hospital when need arises since their data is not exposed to a third party. This practice should be impressed, and in case of a computer system, systems should be fitted with passwords and accessed by only authorized individuals. Besides, despite safeguarding the well-being of patients, the idea will have marketing advantage since most patients prefer information confidence.

Similarly, data and documentaries should be safely kept. Anyone or individuals or object engendering misplacement of data should try to evade. The idea aims to enhance   accessibility and quick handling when they are required for health care use. Hence, its successful implementing will accord patients trust since it will confirm a high management level.

In essence, the Immigration and Naturalization Service ethical data issues should be utilized for our healthcare data management implementations.


Danley, J. V. (2010). SEVIS: The Impact of Homeland Security on American Colleges and Universities. New Directions for Institutional Research, (146), 63-73.”

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