Legal Issues in Multimedia


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“Legal Issues in Multimedia”

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Nowadays, these resources have been illegible used by many people without knows by the original maker. People who used or copy other people media works is one of the illegible law of Multimedia that frequently happens. All of Multimedia product must be copyrighted and most of them already have it, but it was very disappointed because the product is originally implemented wrongly and without permission by the original makers.

Leone Woodcock (2000) from the survey 21. 1% people who agree that use the copying Multimedia product was legal, but the other 33. % said that they are disagree perceive copying and illegally used Multimedia product and other 46. 6% agree to copying and perceive the activity is either ethical or not. There are many legal issues in Multimedia that are the laws of the intellectual property, moral rights and infringement of the ethics in Multimedia. 

Background paragraph 

The legal issues in Multimedia products/ resources are already known by people. Multimedia are the combination of interactive media that include pictures, sound, video, animation and text. It was interrelated with modality (the way Multimedia occur that communicate to our sense such as hearing, touch and etc), channel (the information that contain a modality) and medium (a set of harmonized channel such as television).

These are the related functions that make up the Multimedia that interact together to make interactivity in our live. Many Multimedia resources that have been produce through television channel, radio and website, but there already have a law in producing Multimedia resource. 

The Commissioner of Law Revision (2006) 

Any media products such as Journals, e-book, articles, software, websites, CDs, DVDs, books or even songs that have been license and copyrighted cannot be copied without permission unless that product is not Under Copyright (Amendment) Bill 1997. This is because, Copyright is illegally used by any person who avoid or causes any other person to avoid any efficient technological measures that are used by authors in connection with the resource of their rights. Under this Act it will be restricted the acts to respect of their works which are not authorized by the original maker or authors concerned or permitted by law.

These problems of copyright happen because any ideas such as articles, Journals and especially DVDs and CDs are easy to find. DVDs and CDs are most copied or plagiarize media products because it were a good business to get profit for a people who selling these products. In addition, university students also use various media to create work items provided by the lecturer. 

Therefore, a more simple way to get information is through media such as online. Only visit a few articles and journals this can help them perform a tasks. However, the disadvantages are many students just want a simple way by using the “copy and paste” each verse or statements taken regardless of the consequences.

University’s student always used articles, books and any writing materials to do their works and copied illegally some sentences that originally from the author or writer. 

Intellectual Property (IP) of Multimedia is very important to protect personal Multimedia products. There are some examples of IP that are quotation books, articles, journals and interactive courseware. All of these are the original works that create personally by the authors or creator and that is the originally come out from their ideas this is actually called Intellectual Property (IP). 

Intellectual property covers many things, but this time we will present information about the copyright, trademark, and open source. This means that most countries in the world has been related to the Law of IPR (Intellectual Property Right), and therefore enforce IPR protection in their respective countries International treaties in the field of IPR as set in the Trade Related Aspect of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs), which later became a package deal in the WTO agreements, currently approve by around 183 countries. The individual creator (Creator) and interviewed (Inventor) a product, it can be submitted grounds that creation and discovery of a product essentially requires prudential energy, cost, time, and mind.

IPR protection, principally intended as one of the award (reward) for a person who has ideas and ideas into a work, and of course the issue of sacrifice. 

Protection IPR, thus also intended as an effort to encourage people to innovate in the creation and discovery of a product. Various information whether true or false, ideas, ideology, propaganda and not about pornography spread through the Internet. Many ideas that have been created such as journals, videos and other media materials have been changed from the original form to the new form that applied from the previous form.

That material changed a bit but still has the same parts of it that can be considered as plagiarism. Other than that, internet hacker also one of the IP intruded through system. They intruded the program and steal any data that important to them or harming the data or resources so that the product can be used by them freely. Therefore to need a protection Multimedia product publishers need to ensure that the status of all rights involved before signing any purchase rights / assignment / Licensing Agreement is necessary to obtain these rights. This is where the services of a lawyer are very much needed entertainment. 

In order to protect personal rights, moral rights are used to define other personal right. Moral rights are the identification, paternity, integrity, media pluralism and diversity of cultural expression. This related to an act that violates the law in terms of writing and communication and many people do these things with a purpose to protest works, films, articles, and intellectual property.

Besides that, the media products also have their own moral rights and protected by law. Therefore, if there are things that diffuse insult, they can refer to the Copyright (Amendment) Bill 1997. This is because there are many people who misuse media as a channel to express opinions that insulting writers. In other words, this issue has touched a person regardless of personal feelings and the effects of these acts. In addition, cyber offenses such as using photos or any property of the owner such as websites, blogs and the program can also be defined as an offense of moral rights.

Use of personal rights of others impacts the depth and enshrined in law All Rights Reserved offense that can lead to plagiarism. Daily News, (2009) Minister of Information, Communication, Arts and Culture Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, said “If the information is accurate and true to the community, like any concept can be successful and it will be more bad news or the fact that when rotated believe or mistaken sense that some people can raise racial sentiments. 

Therefore, we want accurate information disseminated to the public so that they understand and respect the law” He said the ministry will not take action against government critics while not violating the Communications and Multimedia Act, but only act against he dissemination of false facts, false and untrue it. Body paragraph 3 Other than that, infringement of ethics in Multimedia is a behavior of rights or wrongs in the world of internet. Juriah (2001) This is due mostly Multimedia products are easily found and used without having a permission, but cracking the system or copied it into another resource. 

The Commissioner of Law Revision 

There are acts that protect the product from the Multimedia user program that irresponsible, for example, Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 and Cyber Laws of Malaysia. All of these act responsible to provide protection to the rights and property of a product such as legal act of Patents, Trade mark and other property-related. Although there are many protecting acts, but user of internet especially programmer hacks the other user, such as website system and software by separately the malware or virus that can be harm other people property.

They also might use code program that can genuinely the copyright software and application without bought or asked for permission. This will affect the publisher revenue because many people cannot especially hackers and programmers used it for their own benefit. Thus, many software and application such as computer windows (XP, Vista, window Seven) does not get by the user genuinely but pirated it illegally. 


There are three legal issues in Multimedia that are Intellectual Property (IP), moral rights, and infringement of the ethics in Multimedia. In the world that sophisticated today we should respect the original work of people who invent the Multimedia product despite the media which is easily obtained from the actual inventor. As a multimedia user, we should give countenance to have a legitimate Multimedia product.

We also have responsibilities as a user to maintain ethics and comply with deeds that have been contained in state law. As proposed, the government should build a technology system that can protect the rights of owners and also the right products to consumers. So, both benefit equally and protect their personal rights and any people who may maltreat by other people will get their justice.


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