Learning Disabilities in School

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Some students say that school topics are hard for them, but imagine having a learning disability while in school. People with learning disabilities should be able to able to branch into more advanced classes and have more opportunities. In the book “My Thirteenth Winter”, Samantha was not able to go to more advanced classes. “While my creativity and enthusiasm flourished at home, at school I was increasingly caught in the middle between the two types programs I needed. In math, the regular education classes were way over my head. In spite of my abilities in handling ideas and expressing myself, I was held back from enrichment programs, because my abysmal math test scores pulled down my overall rating”(Abeel29). So while one may be able to do good in other topics, one topic they struggle in because of their disability may lead to them not able to get the chance of advanced classes. And because of this, many people, like in the case of Samantha, are locked out of a chance to get their difficulty getting better. As they are only able to get very little to no help.

While letting people with learning disabilities have advanced classes, on the other hand, if one joins, it could make it worse for them. Causing them to believe that it will only get worse, and they are just a burden. So while it can help them, it could make them gain stress, and or having anxiety for such as answering questions, having them think they might be made fun of. And having to think hard, and have to try harder than average people, can, in a way, scare them. Also having them in advanced classes can slow down themselves, or even a class, since the teacher has to always support them. And because of this, this could make the person not wanting , or liking school anymore. And so giving them advanced classes should be for everyone, and may not always be the way to help them.

While giving people with learning difficulties advanced classes should be for everyone, and may not always be the way to help them, at the same time, giving them the access to it could. As if they were in an advanced reading class, they can ask for help, and through the support they receive, they could identify the problem, and maybe having them receive extra help. And if they were in a normal class, they wouldn't really get the help they needed, and years would go by without them getting the support they need, making them having their disability worsen. If they get the support they need, their disability can be their reason why they try to fix it. Giving them more of an inspiration to finish school, all to be able to fix it, due to the support they get. Now, while it may not always be the case, it can help them, and over time, can help them achieve what they thought would be their handicap. So overall, advanced classes can be a good thing for them.


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