Analysis of Stress Factors in High School Students

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Stress high school students: a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances . Stress can come from many different things, ranging from home life to peer pressure. Perhaps the most prominent cause of stress in an average student’s life is school. Demanding circumstances are homework, tests, projects, and much more. Even though there are countless surveys taken from all over documenting the school/stress relationship, right here at Northern Highlands, 58% of students find school too stressful. Stress can lead to severe and dangerous long term conditions. This is why it is important for every student to install time for stress management in their routine.

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“Analysis of Stress Factors in High School Students”

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To start, students find school stressful. According a 2009 American Psychological Foundation survey, 44%, of all students ages 8-17 felt stress from wanting to do well in school. The wide age range suggest that this survey recorded the opinions of many students from different years of school. Also, these students are not all from the same region in the country, providing more general evidence. 29% of children ages 13 – 17 reported that they worry about getting into a good college and deciding what to do after high school. The ages here might suggest that this is a worry expected to be more common among high school students. However, this is derived from the same survey, so the more widespread data is still relevant. In a 2015 survey conducted by the Princeton Review called “Student life in America”, over 50% of students reported feeling stressed. This survey was conducted with 1460 high school age students. The results display a range of students from different household incomes, ethnicities, and education levels. This data is very widespread, so it relates very closely with the claim that students find school stressful. In a recent poll from Northern Highlands Regional High School, 58% found the school to be too stressful. This survey was taken by all grade levels, so the results are general age-wise. Students taking this survey were not separated by any other category, so these results are widespread of the topic of classes and types of learners. Additionally, this survey is very recent, conducted (insert date here) to be exact.

Furthermore, when students do get stressed, and fail to consider their mental health while going through school, the mental and physical effects may be dire. These consequences can include chronic anxiety and depression, according to Mary Alvord, a Maryland based psychologist. Alvord included these symptoms of stress when discussing the stress of school, implying that these health issues could happen to students. These effects are dire because anxiety and depression are serious mental health issues that can ruin or even end a person’s life. Physical effects of stress include elevated levels of stress hormones, that can degrade the immune system, cause heart problems like heart disease, and worsen respiratory and gastrointestinal issues. Also from Alvord, these effects of stress were also discussed on the topic of school. The listed effects are dire because a person can die from them, or live a life in pain or discomfort.

On a more positive note, students can find time in their everyday life to relieve stress. Physical activities relieve stress. This works because they activate the body’s endorphins, a type of hormone that triggers a positive feeling, and other natural neuron chemicals that strengthen the sense of well being. Also, exercise focuses the mind on the body, which can distract from the thing that is causing stress. Students can incorporate this into their everyday life by joining a school sport. “Physical activities” is a very broad term. For students not looking for the commitment of an after school sport, they can take walks, house clean, and even garden to reduce the same stress. Getting enough sleep is crucial in order to reduce stress. Sleep is the time for one to reset. Quality and quantity of sleep affect mood, energy level, concentration, and general functioning. Generally, most students can relate to having to stay up late to complete homework or studying. However, by not doing this and going straight to bed, students can reduce the amount of stress they face. Lastly is socializing. Socializing can relieve stress because it can supply support, and act as a distraction. Students in school receive great opportunities to socialize. After school clubs, lunch, and even in class students can relieve stress by doing this. Again, the term socializing is broad, so it can be tailored to fit every student’s liking, and still act as a stress reducer.

School is a stressful time. Surveys conducted by American Psychological Foundation, the Princeton Review, and at Northern Highlands Regional High School support this claim. If students do not work to relieve this stress, critical health issues, both mental, like anxiety and depression, and physical, like heart and gastrointestinal issues, can occur. By exercising, getting enough sleep, and even taking just 5 minutes to talk to friends, students can relieve their stress, and maybe even save their future. 

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