Las Vegas Sands Company Profile

1. Name of Company: Las Vegas Sands Corporation

2. Actual Home Office Address:

3355 Las Vegas Blvd D, Las Vegas, NV 89109

3. Company website URL:

4. Company Telephone Number: (702) 414-1000

5. Number of Offices & 5 Major Locations (apprx.):

16 properties around the world. They are located in Las Vegas, NV; Macau, China; Bethlehem, PA; Marina Bay, Singapore;

6.The Year this Company was Founded: 1988

7. Total Number of Employees (January 2017 or current): est. 50,500 employees

8. What are the Top 3 Employee Benefits that are unique and explain each?

The benefits offered by The Sands Corporation/The Venetian seem to be fairly typical of a lot of companies. One benefit that stood out to me as I have not seen it in companies I have worked for is company paid dependent life insurance. I've seen companies offer dependent life insurance before; but not company paid.

Other than that, they seem to offer the typical benefits to include Medical, Rx, Dental, Vision-the Plan options vary by location though, 401(k), EAP, Holidays, Sick Leave, Flex Time, Free Team Member Dining, Education Assistance and Team Member Discounts. I think the Education Assistance is a standout one as well. A lot of companies now offer education assistance; but there's still a lot of companies that do not.

Discounted Legal Program

Free on-site workout facilities

Professional, Personal and Developmental training programs

Company subsidized on-site and off-site daycare

9. Identify 2 important features in culture and structure (ch. 15/16) (repeat criteria) you liked

The culture here is what sets us apart, Fryman said. There is comradery, teamwork and a true sense of family. The company offers so much, and I have many Team Members in my division who have developed and taken on new roles after taking classes such as English as a second language, the Management development trainings provided through Sands Academy, and tuition reimbursement.

Investing in Team Members' personal and professional growth is the commitment the company has made in providing opportunities to advance in their hospitality careers. Through Sands Academy, Team Members are encouraged to take advantage of the classes, tools, coaching, and consulting to help their own development and their departments become more effective covering leadership, wellness, sustainability, language, and more.

I truly believe that investing in those who show potential and a drive to be the best is the way to nurture a team that will makes us proud, Fryman said.

LAS VEGAS, May 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Las Vegas Sands (NYSE: LVS) has been named one of America's Best Employers in Forbes' annual list of America's most respected employers.

10. What are the product or services this company provides to customers (Be specific)

Las Vegas Sands features luxury hotels; best in-class gaming; retail; dining and entertainment; meetings, incentive, convention and exhibition facilities, and many other business and leisure amenities.

11.Based on your research of this company, which 2 biggie departments are currently hiring and for which positions?


Manager-Restaurant Partnerships

Floor Manager-Housekeeping

Host- Casino Floor

Grazie Ambassador

Manager-Front Services

VIP Services Coordinator


Dispatch -Fire Command

Officer - Security Logistics

Security Officer - On Call

Google is always looking for the best people who can bring new innovations into the Google workplace. In the United States, Google is hiring for

14. Would you want to work at this company? Why or why notbe specific and explain 1 drawback to this company:

Yes, I would be interested in working at this company. From many things I've ready, it sounds like Las Vegas Sands provides great opportunities for its employees to grow with the company, giving them a chance to learn and advance. It also offers many appealing benefits to its employees.

One drawback to working for this company is I found some very negative reviews from employees on one site. However, on another site I found several highly positive reviews from employees. The few negative reviews make me a little apprehensive; but the positive ones outweigh the negatives, including the positive ones were from employees that had been there for many years. Longevity on the job is usually a good sign.

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