James Baldwin`s Life and Career

James baldwin born August second 1924-December 1st 1987. James baldwin was a famous Author, playwrite, and activist. His essays or novels “Notes of a Native son” explored the racial impact that others forced on him and other blacks in his lifetime. His mother Emma jones was a single parent while James was growing up and she married a baptist preacher while he was still young of age. Baldwin was the odd one out cause he was treated unfairly to by his stepfather compared to his other children. This caused James to be alone and hang out around or in libraries. At the age ten he was teased and abused by white officers in a racial way. Education was a struggle for James. He knew he was smart but he didn’t know how to use his brain in the way he wanted to.

His career kicked off in 1947. In 1953 his first novel “ Go tell it on the mountain” was published then two years after “ Notes of a native son”. His work was admired by many people and he knew he was doing something right. Baldwin wrote about a movement cause by a little girl named Dorothy Counts who wanted to desegregate schools. Baldwin wrote about this and after a while got into CORE which gave him the opportunity to travel and share his views about racial inequality and how it was unfair and unjust. In 1963 the mainstream press recognized him and how racism affected each and all of these people every day. During this a lectured students and others listening about movements in the USA that would make a change like MLK’s passive movement and hoped that socialism would take over the US. Baldwin blamed the FBI for most of the racial conflict in birmingham and how it was harming all white and black.

After a bomb exploded in a birmingham church Baldwin called for a nationwide campaign of civil disobedience. The SNCC called for a poll and baldwin saw how state troopers stood there to smash reporters cameras or to hit people with cattle prods. Women with babies and elderly people stood in line and took in the racial abuse as the waited to vote. After he saw all this and went to the New york post that is was the Kennedy’s fault for not acting, because they could have sent state troops into protect them or even just sent them to the south to protect and keep an order.

In March 1964 he join a 50 mile march from Selma all the way to Montgomery the capital of Alabama. The whole way up they were protected by state troopers. Early in The morning of December 1st James Baldwin died of stomach cancer in France. He was later buried in New york City. Without baldwin many would have been scared to speak out about who there were or want to be as the grew up and lived there life. He opened the lives of millions and myself that people all over the world should be treated with respect no matter what the looks like or what the are.

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