Isaac Newton Biography

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Isaac Newton was born in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England on January 4, 1643. He was a very small and fragile. Newton was not expected to survive his first couple days of life. Newton lacked a father figure. When newton was a child, he spent most of his years living with his grandmother after the remarriage of his mother. She married minister Barnabas Smith and left newton for him. Isaac was separated from his mother for 9 years until his step father died. As said, his psychotic tendencies were due to this traumatic occurrence. After his mother was widowed for the second time, she was adamant that her son should manage her property. It became obvious that this would turn into a disaster. He wasn't able to concentrate on rural affairs and to watch the cattle. Soon after he was sent back to grammar school. He attended the King's school in Grantham before enrolling at the University of Cambridge's Trinity College in 1661. During his college years, he studied a classical curriculum. He became intrigued by the works of contemporary philosophers including Rene Descartes. When the Great Plague began to take over Cambridge, Newton returned and began devising his theories on calculus.

Newton's inspiration was Pierre de Fermat, when he started to create calculus. He showed examples on how calculus methods could be interpreted. Newton's used to Fermat's work to start and made it universal. Newton always spoke of himself as self taught. He made contributions to all types of mathematics. He became famous for his solutions to the modern problems in analytical geometry of drawing tangents to curves and defining areas bounded by curves. He discovered that these issues were inverse to each other, but he uncovered general methods of resolving problems of curvaculture. In 1704, he published, with Opticks, a tract on the quadrature of curves and another on the classification of cubes. Newton's revolutionary mathematics were not published straight away. He was worried about being judged for his genius ideas. Instead he would share his thoughts and ideas with his friends. He was one of the first people to use fractional exponents and relating geometry to acquire solutions. Newton developed the Newton's Method to discovering superior approximations to the zeros or roots of a function. He also was the first to use finite power series.

Not only was he a mathematician but he was very well-educated in the laws of motion. Newton created a masterpiece called the Principia. It was divided into three books. The first book consists of eight definitions and three axioms. In book two, newton handles the motion of bodies through enduring mediums as well as the motion of fluids itself. In book three, called the System of the World, newton expanded his three laws of motion to the frame of the world. The principia was the most powerful scientific treatise ever published. It appeared in two editions during his lifetime. Across Newton's career, he managed research in theology and history. Even though some historians abandoned Newton's non scientific writings, there is doubt of his loyalty to these subjects. At a specific time in his life, newton was a professor. During those years he was required to serve as a tutor but he got a privilege to deliver a year round course of lectures on optics. He constantly worked on studying optics over the years. In 1672, published his first book on lights, optics, and color. Unfortunately his work didn't please everyone at the royal society. Newton suffered from a nervous breakdown when he was getting criticized for his work, and sadly rocketed after his mother's passing. Newton went on a six year break which he removed all intellectual correspondence. During this low-profile time newton expanded his theory of gravitation and the effects it has.

In Newton's life time he discovered and achieved several things. He generalized the binomial theorem and reveals sunlight is made up of all the colors of the rainbow. He used a prism made of glass to split up the beam of sunlight into its own separate colors. Newton created one of the first reflecting telescopes that work. Discovered and invented calculus, which we would not be able understand the behavior of objects as small as electrons or as big as the galaxy.Newton proved that all objects that move through space by gravity must follow a path that forms one of the conic sections, like a circle. He displayed that tides are caused by gravitational interactions between the sun, earth, and the moon. Newton predicted that the earth is not a perfect circle, and is larger around the equator than the poles. He used math to show the movement of fluids which comes from the Newtonian fluid concept. Newton in universal gravitation when he saw an apple fall from a tree in the garden of his family home. He told several people, that seeing this apple fall made him wonder why it fell in a straight line, rather than going up or sideways. Eventually, he discovered and proved force that was behind the apples fall, causes the moon to orbit the earth. This force can be felt throughout the entire earth, so he called it universal gravitation. Newton also discovered the equation that gives us the ability to calculate the force of gravity between two objects.

After years of success, unfortunately Newton died March 31, 1727 in Kensington, London, United Kingdom. Newton's health began to worsen as he got older. He had bladder stones that grew worse and a day before his passing he blacked out and was never able to regain consciousness. Newton had created several amazing achievements that contribute to our society today.

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