Introduction to the Jamestown Fiasco

1. The consistent failures of Jamestown, up to a decade after its founding, left many people in shock. When we look into the detail in the quality of the people that originally settled in Jamestown, we see people of specialized craftsmen: blacksmiths, carpenters, bricklayers, jewelers, perfumers, etc. These people were skilled and trained professionals in their domain, and they expected to be paid accordingly and refused to cooperate in the field labor and other labors outside their field of work. When the settlement proved to be futile from the natural recourses attached with their work, the craftsmen joined the other higher classes while they watched the minority laborers do the work and gather food. Another major problem the settlers faced were the hostile Indians, and their neighbors. Although the Native Americans tried to teach them how to plant corn, the settlers never really cared to cultivate the land. When many settlers escaped Jamestown to settle with the Native Powahatans, George Percy then sent out men and destroyed their crops, even though they were a major source of food supply. Which brings us to the fact of the poor governing and organization of the colony. There was a major struggle for power, between John Smith and his rivals, the colony was at a standstill. After a change of power and the establishment of “The Lawes”, lack of production continued. After that, the colony was organized in a way that people would get a plot of land, and farm a minimum amount of corn for the company. Yet, this discouraged people, because the hard worker would earn as much as the slacker.

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“Introduction to the Jamestown Fiasco”

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