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INTRODUCTION SPEECH OUTLINE WORKSHEET ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SPEECH TITLE : My remarkable Dad Name: Angela Hawley Topic: My Dad Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about how well my dad raised my sister and I and how much fun we had growing up with him. Thesis Statement: Three important things I will talk about involving my dad are how he always accepted everything, what it was like growing up with my dad and how my dad would keep us entertained. Briefly, what did you do to “adapt” to your audience? I thought since we are all new with each other and will only meet a few times, I would tell my audience a little bit of growing up with my dad. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I. Introduction Your goal here is to draw us into your speech... A. Attention Material: Have you ever met someone who all they did was party, get drunk, and close the bar down every night with fist fights? B. Tie to Audience: I’m sure many of you have seen or heard of people just like this. In fact my dad was just this person 26 years ago before I was born. C. Credibility Material: I have been around my dad for many years now and am able to share my experiences with you that show how remarkable my dad was through the years. D. Thesis & Preview: My dad completely changed his life the day I was born. No more drinking, fighting or closing the bar down. Shortly then after that my sister was born. He was and still is such a proud father of his beautiful little girls. We were daddies’ little princesses. I love and admire him for all of the wonderful things he has done for me. Let me share with you some of the remarkable things my dad did while I was growing up. II. Body A. Main Point #1 My dad always excepted everything no matter how huge the problem or situation was. 1. Subpoint #1 Finding out I was pregnant at 18. i. I was extremely nervous to tell my dad ii. I couldn’t even speak. iii. Finally I got the courage to tell him. 2. Subpoint #2 My dad was so disappointed. i. The dead was done. ii. Nothing could be changed from the position I put myself in to. iii. My dad then took the news in and started making Thanksgiving dinners every day! 3. Subpoint #3 My daughter Brooklyn being born and how it affected his life. Now that I have shared with you how well he can accept things no matter the situation, let me share with you how much fun it was growing up with my dad. B. Main Point #2 Growing up with my dad was the best! We had so much fun together. 1. Subpoint #1 We would have coloring contests. i. Really huge coloring books. 2. Subpoint #2 We would play board games. i. Sorry ii. Monopoly iii. Kings in the corner 3. Subpoint #3 Going to work with dad where he built and repaired silos. i. Petting the calves ii. Watching and chasing the baby kittens iii. Homemade fruit rollups from the farmers’ wives. Now that you know how much fun my sister and I had growing up with my dad, let me share with you how he kept us entertained when he had very little or no sleep. C. Main Point #3 From working so much and being a single parent with no one to babysit us he was sometimes very very tired and was deprived of sleep. 1. Subpoint #1 Keeping us kids entertained i. We would color all over his arms and face with markers. ii. Put our little girl play makeup on his face. iii. Ponytails in his hair. 2. Subpoint #2 Sometimes in the process of bring entertained we would get interrupted. . There was a knock at the door. ii. The UPS man gave my dad the craziest look ever. iii. My dad then revealed himself in the mirrow. 3. Subpoint #3 He then discovered what his little princesses were up to while he was sound asleep. I. Discovered the magic marker on his face and arms II. We all laughed so hard together. I hope you enjoyed my stories about my dad and sister and I growing up together just as much as I did in real life. III. Conclusion A. Brakelight: My dad sure was one incredibly remarkable man through my childhood years and still to this day. B. Summary: I was able to share with you how well he was at accepting things. Also how much fun we all had together and what my dad would do to keep us entertained. C. Tie Back to Audience: I hope the next time you see me you will remember some of the wonderful memories I had with my dad. D. Concluding Memorable Remarks: I am very thankful to have such a wonderful role model in my life. He had taught me so many things in life. Whenever I have a question about something I call the one person I admire and love the most, my dad!

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