Introduction to Racism

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The word racism is something strong that can be known by people from an early age. Moreover, those who are “high class” and learn racism from mentors such as their family members then they tease others so maybe one raised this way and it’s pass down. Although there can be others that just learn this kind of behaviors such as their peers and may think it’s entertaining so that may also be how some turn out to be racist. In other words, some people may find it fun to tease those who look different from their heritage, but what most do not see is that not one single race is perfect. Also, when saying a hurtful racist word towards one individual is not just referring to that one person, but the whole race and that can just cause pain towards the people. In the article, “Racism and Mental Health: Are Schools Hostile Learning Environments for Students of Color?” by Amy Masko who explains how the racism can first come to be known for people and how it can really affect them the people who are victimized by racism. For instance, in the article it says, “... racism that many children and youth of color face in their schooling is an environmental stressor that can lead to depression, anxiety, rage, and other mental distress”(Masko 62).

In addition, one word can really hurt people sometimes in can even scar them for a long period and that can even change their lives. Being young most kids do not see the bad things in each other sometimes they don't even get taught and can be an issue while growing up because one may never know why racism is a bad thing. Moreover, why should racism still continue if one knows that every race is always going to be around they can not be avoided and just because one specific race does not like another race then deal with it because the more people like one another the more satisfied life would be.

When will it be a complete end against people who are racist? Therefore, when asked by anyone there is no real responses because it does continue on. In the article, “Is American Repeating the Mistakes of 1968?” author, Julian E. Zelizer brings up the history on how horrible it must have been, but refers what goes on in the present moment. As one can see how society is living in the past and if this continues how will that affect the future? Will there ever be a solution? For example in the article, Zelizer writes, “In July 1967, during the aftermath of the devastating race riots in Detroit, Michigan, and Newark, New Jersey- each of which started after incidents of police brutality against African Americans.”

Now if one takes a moment to look back and witness the horrific that a race suffered and those who are not victims imagine living a life where half of the daily lives are targeted from always being for having a different skin color and not being able to pass around through the city calmly that must be irritating to do the daily task. Although not every race will always get along and sometimes it’s not the race the reason why they do not get along sometimes it could be because how a person acts. Even though if one is unique by being strange with someone else finds that uncomfortable, and they don’t like that one person the other person they do not need to say racial words. Also, when a person does anything bad it doesn’t prove that their whole people are the same way. Next, if people focus on the history that went on, but at the same time see the present and notice how from each race there are those who achieved the good life has to offer and have proven with a successful career that shows how people do not give up. This just proves that every race has it’s good and bad people, but everyone is different. Finally, there may be one day when racism could finish it’s possible because all people may find the right solution to this problem.

There should not be any physical attack against any person and especially because one looks different it should be resolved. In the article “Police Brutality and Black Health: Setting the Agenda for Public Health Scholars” author Sirry Alang concentrates on the blacks who just have bad luck with the law enforcement they are so much hate towards them it may have to do with the color of their skin. But it just goes down many times that it does not stop. The author goes on explaining the way blacks are just targeted in wrong reasons and how society does not do anything because it just goes on and on. He still goes down into details on how the blacks have many obstacles in their lives and the comparison with other race. Also, he talks about society has a big impact on this race that makes it difficult for them to do what they need to get a thing done. Although this race is humans sometimes they just do not get treated that way and every other race should have empathy and think how they would feel. Not one person on Earth deserves to be treated like if they were animals. For instance, Alang writes, “Blacks are significantly more likely to experience police brutality than are Whites, and whiteness affords protection against police use of force”(662).

This proves right here how there are issues that are not fair there are ones who get treated worse and others who get treated better. Although no one is perfect and everyone feels weak at one point there needs to be a kindness to help make everyone come together. Overall, there have been many horrible events that took place in America. While the time passes if racism does not continue then maybe life will be back to normal. In addition, if there are changes maybe all Americans might get along and that can prevent from violence occurring. Also, every race goes through some tough time just like stress, pain, feeling sick, and working hard to earn money. If all humans show signs of peacefulness and no longer being rude or disrespectful with one another instead have manners it can be a relief because this can end fights, arrests, and even deaths. Although everyone is not the same that does not mean that it’s okay to be racist and many have families to prove that. Nevertheless, the law can convert were racism was no longer allowed if anyone disobeyed that then that person has to be disciplined and that can help out victims by making their lives simpler. Meanwhile, having solutions on those who have what it takes in order to make it big to get good benefits because everyone has a purpose and a dream to accomplish.

So there needs to be an understatement on all race because all do not think same and some do crimes, but they should be treated fairly. Also, if all the history was forgotten that can be a solution right there because step by step it can end racism for good. Although no one was born to always get along with everyone, by just showing manners or not talking to the people they do not like it makes things much better. In addition, I am a Hispanic and I have been victimized by racist individuals because of my accent and my family not having a lot of money. So, I would really like to see a change in order for more people and their families do not go through the same thing I did. In conclusion, the positive with racism being extinct that will not only help society but the future children as well and grandchildren generations will learn the right way of how to treat each human that looks different from their families.

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