Interpretation of Gertrude in Hamlet

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The character of Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, posted a lot of problems in the interpretation for readers, critics and artists and was often considered a symbol of the harlot, the object of Oedipus complex in Hamlet, is an example of women’s subservience to man (Hamlet and Claudius). Rebecca Smith in his essay “A Heart Cleft in Twian, Gertrude frees the usual stereotypes of adultery calculated that it offers a traditional interpretation of the assumption that only such a woman can arouse strong and violent reaction in men in the drama. In earlier versions, which were the source for Shakespeare Hamlet Gertrudina guilt is unquestionable. She marries Claudius, although it is publicly known as a murderer of King Hamlet. Changes that Shakespeare introduces into the structure of the drama and characters that show the redirection adds thematic complexity. The question arises about the Gertrude which is not exactly the answer, although the murderer of King Hamlet is not publicly known, she knows, or at least suspect, who was murdered? Is guilty of adultery in the past? Does changing the play or can not be changed? Rebecca Smith notes that finding answers to these difficult questions about the fact that Gertrude learned most of the other characters, and since it is a stimulant and the object of violent emotional reaction to the spirit, Hamlet and Claudius, they offer us the extreme descriptions.

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Ghost in his first appearance expresses anger and contempt for Gertrude because of her behavior. This rodoskvrna, yes, this preljubna mercury, Froward Emperor, traitorous gifts – Oh, malicious magic and gifts they have the power To err – to gain a shameful perversion Will my seemingly-virtuous queen. Gertrude, according to him poor woman who fell under the influence Klaudijev. Spirit then revealed who killed him and seeks revenge against Claudius, but not Gertrud. Then begins an attack on the sexual relationship of Claudius and Gertrude. Before disappearing, he says Hamlet Its spirit is not kaljaj let your soul is nothing Do not plotting against the mother. Heaven’s surrender And that Trnju which brings him in the chest, If freedom is baked. You be well now, goodbye. Since it does not require a vengeance, apparently was not considered guilty of adultery during the marriage. His second appearance was prompted by the need for further Gertrude defending. Hamlet orders to protect Gertrude and return to avenge. Do not forget: the purpose of my visit To sharpen your almost blunt counsel. But, behold, dismay bothering your mom.

Stood between her and her dazed soul (Iii, iv) Hamlet emotions are clear to the mother of his first monologue. And yet, only a month – not to Neither think – the fragility, the name of your wife! I, ii) She remarried. – Oh, sinful hurry, scurry In rodoskvrne sheets with such speed! This is not good and can not be good. Al break, my heart, I must be silent! (I, ii) Just Gertrudina betrayal, not alone the kings death, Hamlet seems depressed. After he disclosed the name of the spirit of a killer, Hamlet’s anger toward the mother increases. Oh, wife of destructive activities! (Act 1, scene 5, p. 51. ) Gertrude Kaudije creates an impression because it is the cause of his conflicting emotions as well as the spirit of Hamlet. He Gertrude speaks with respect, it is the only reason they tolerate Hamlet unusual behavior. Claudius Gertrude desire to possess is the reason the murder of King Hamlet. On Gertrude objektificira (“Because we ex daughter in law, now our queen … for a woman took, and ii. ), It became his property as a result of the award for his work. Although Gertrude was partly responsible for Klaudijevo fratricide, and although her marriage to Claudius the reason for Hamlet’s madness, Gertrude, never in the play does not encourage anyone to evil.

A review of its words and actions in an attempt to understand her character , is not nothing that foreshadowed the suppression or uncontrolled passion. Her short speech include the implications of honor and virtue. The underlying structure, the content does not suggest its viciousness. As for you, Ophelia, I would like To honor the beauty of your lucky cause That Hamlet’s rampage. And so The virtues of your return it the right way, In honor of you and him. (III, i) She shows concern for Hamlet because of his strange behavior. She usually asks questions and concerns for the welfare of other characters. Gertrudina works equally nelascivna and caring as her word. Enters the scene with the king usually alone on stage with only Hamlet and Ophelia (in both cases expresses feelings of guilt), and leaves the scene on the orders of Claudius. He was sent to the scene so as not to reveal his guilt, or to consult with her about Hamlet. Her words and actions describe her as a loving, quiet and humble mother and wife.

When speaking to Hamlet, the spirit does not say anything that could be interpreted as if she is guilty of his murder. Gertrudino behavior during Mousetrap nobody would have led to the conclusion that she recognized herself in the character of Queen Glumac. However Hamlet thinks he is, and Hamlet is a powerful first person in the drama that comes to events and people perceive from his perspective. She later calls Mousetrap Hamlet in his chambers, not because of guilt that she felt presented the play, but because the conversation before the conventional traps with polonium, but also because it is upset because one of the men to whom she cares very insulted the other. After Mousetrap, Gertrude asks Hamlet What I did, and dare Language so shoot me? (Iii, iv) When she tells Hamlet that Claudius killed the king, she shows that she knew something about it. Many critics believe that it was in connection with the murder of King Claudius before, but it’s true, it would be suspected of Claudius because he had a double motive – the crown and Gertrude.

In fact, with her betrayal of Hamlet by not seen in previous connection with Claudius, but quickly married after the death of the king. Although it is not an adulteress, Gertrude, to become married to Claudius. Gertrude admits his guilt in the fact that the marriage was too fast, and everything else just feels guilty when she says that Hamlet should be ashamed of. It is unclear just what I mean when you talk about black spots on my soul You turn my eyes to the bottom of my soul; And there I see the black, the customary spots Did not want to lose their color. (Iii, iv) Is this a newly created awareness of adultery and incestuoznoj relationship, her marriage to a man who so obviously hates Hamlet, or is it her, already mentioned, speeds marriage to Claudius. In any case, Hamlet words create in her a sense of guilt, and Hamlet, she just wants to see happy. However, it also can not be satisfied and Claudius and Hamlet, which is why I feel guilty. Gertrude through drama has not moved toward independence, or experienced a moral twist, the only divided his loyalty, and her grief increased. In the last act she drinks poisoned wine to be killed, she drinks to toast the victory Hamletovoj not knowing that it was poison. Her death symbolizes the internal disharmony caused by the divided loyalty.

In honor of Hamlet, she first ignores Klaudijevu command. No, no, to drink, drink! – Alas, Hamle My dear, – drink, drink! – I am poisoned. Gertrude dies knowing that he was poisoned, and calls for his dear Hamlet in order warned him, not to be blamed for whom Claudius may be sure that he is guilty because he tried to stop to drink. Gertrudine words and deeds in Hamlet does not create an image of lascivious, greedy women what we see on stage and on film, but gentle, loving wife and nemastovitu which is the only other career meeting. Her marriage to the brother of her late husband to be a reflection of its highly addictive nature. Gertrude may be the object of violent emotion, but she does not express any passion, only a silent and enduring concern for the welfare of other characters, especially Hamlet and Claudius. It is very pliable and not to make any decisions for themselves, except those that result in her death. Her personality is defined by the other characters in the drama. Because of its inability and weakness occurs wrong image of her that were created and reflected the other characters. Bibliography Rebecca Smith, A Heart Cleft in Twain

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