Why did it Take Hamlet so Long to Avenge his Father’s Death?

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The story began with castle battlement in Denmark. This is where the guards observe the dead king's ghost who is the father to the hamlet.  For most people Hamlet delay is frustrating, and though people feel sympathy for Hamlet due to his struggle on his suicidal despair, the audience views Hamlet as being the procrastinator. Based on the audience interpretation of the situation, Hamlet is considered to know what he was supposed to do but ended putting it using different reasons. On the other hand, some people believed that the situation is not that clear to the character Hamlet on what he was supposed to do because he was not certain about the ghost.  In the most critical issue is the discussion about the reason to why it took much time Hamlet to revenge for the murder his father.  Therefore based on the analysis of the story we can be able to conclude that some of the factors which are believed to have hindered Hamlet from avenging for his murder father are as follows (Dawson. 1995).

The personality that Hamlet had was one of the reasons that that made him delay. Hamlet is seen in the story as one of the most serious thinkers. He is a sensitive person and not seen as a man who usually rash to action.  This can be proved from his monolog which shows his thoughts in the situation. He shows that he does not like the task he supposed to perform. That is the act of killing another human being. In dislike of the Hamlet, an action is seen when here, the time is out of joint, cursed spite, and that he was born to fix things in the right order.

Furthermore, the Hamlet had a strong belief which happened to be the other factor which causes him to delay in avenging his father’s killing.  The impression that we see in the story is that Hamlet is one of the oral people in the story.  This is evident when he denounced the sinful action of the mother, although Hamlet is considered to be suicidal, he spared himself from death because he was worried about the act of retribution of the divine. This means he was worried of being burnt in the hell forever.  Therefore his strong believe that he happen to have hindered him from avenging for his father and started questioning on ways the ghost can be relied on. The spirit that Hamlet saw might appear as an evil, therefore, might be on a mission to abuse me to damn me (Shakespeare. 1141).

The other reason which hinders Hamlet from revenging for his father murder is the fact that Hamlet considered himself as being of the Claudius power as well as acting as the representative of God on the earth. The position that Hamlet stand on has an heir to the throne.  This is evident as Hamlet cannot and will never be seen in the act of challenging the Claudius in the open therefore Hamlet was willing to support the Claudius till there prove that the Claudius has committed the crime.  Hamlet claimed that he had more relative than what people see. Things of the play where Hamlet will be catching the king conscience.  Hamlet is considered to be a sensible as well as a cautious person as he knew that the act of killing the Claudius without the confirmation his innocence or guilt will make commit crime against God as well as against Denmark. Hamlet also believed that by his action without proving, he would have led his kingdom to a chaotic situation unnecessarily. Furthermore, Hamlet would have taken away the man that his mother loved.

We can also say that the reason to why Hamlet had delayed in the revenge of his father is because he loved his mother.  Although Hamlet had seen his mother as his betrayal which was evident after the mousetrap, he was certain that Claudius is guilty. I will take the ghost wars for a thousand pounds. But instead of taking action of looking the Claudius with the aim of killing him Hamlet had to see her mother first. The reason of the Hamlet approaching the mother was to find more clarification of her guilt. The other reason of his confrontation might also be he wanted to give the mother a chance of confession.  Confess to heaven; repent what is past avoiding what is to come.  The desire seen in the action of Hamlet in wanting to save her mother soul is one of the reasons which made him take too long to revenge for his father’s murder (Innes. 2010).

In addition to said reason, there is also the issue of Hamlet determination to obtain justice, instead of just going for revenge on the killing of his father. This determination of getting justice is seen when Hamlet found the Claudius praying.  It should also be noted that Hamlet appeared to Claudius just by accident and by design when he was going to his mother’s chamber. Therefore he got a better chance to kill the Claudius as the Claudius was not armed and had no some guards or whatsoever.  Therefore Hamlet wanted to make sure that if at all the Claudius was guilty then he must be properly punished. His soul may be as damned and black as hell where to he goes.  In case Hamlet kills the Claudius in the prayer scene, this would have been considered to be hire and salary, not revenge.  The reason being the killed Claudius would have lost the earth’s life but gain the eternal life in heaven. This made Hamlet delay in his revenge for his father (Bell. 1998).

The other reason which caused Hamlet take much time before his father revenge was the circumstance.  Some of the circumstances like the accidental killing of Polonius y Hamlet, the exile that he went to as well as the death of Ophelia.  When Hamlet decided to spare the Claudius in the prayer scene, the people think that Hamlet might look for the other possible opportunity to accomplish his mission of killing the Claudius. Therefore, Hamlet opts to kill the Claudius in a place which he thought will not attract the public attention. Hamlet did think a chance, but unfortunately, he found himself kill the wrong person instead of the Claudius.  Is it noted that Hamlet was going to kill the Claudius through his state, thou wretched rash intruding fool, I took thee for thy better.  Due to his action of killing the wrong person instead of the Claudius he was therefore seen as a threat to the Claudius hence exiled to England.  Hamlet might not get another chance to be left with the Claudius as the king will always ensure that he have full security (Bell. 1998).

In conclusion, it is obviously noted that without delay in the story there would be no play. Therefore in the process of approaching this issue of delay, some should not narrow down to the difference between procrastination as well a justifiable delay. Despite the entire mean that Hamlet applies he will not revenge for his father death.  This caused by his delay as well as the Claudius satanic approaches and  The impulse rage of Hamlet that cause the death of innocent persons by the names, Polonius, Rosencrantz, Ophelia, Laertes, Gertrude as well as Hamlet himself.  Furthermore, the more important thing to do is the establishment of a clear reason for the delay at every step as well as examining how this delay affected the feeling of the readers towards Hamlet. The recede of the frustration as well as sympathy that the readers had for Hamlet as he is the central character in the play is mostly brought about by the audience’ minds of what Hamlet would have done as well as the understanding of the audience of why Hamlet did not do that.  The conflict between what Hamlet was supposed to do and what he did not do is what the play to be so complex as well as intriguing.

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