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Helen Keller was born on June 27,1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama (Thompson, 2003, p3). Helen wasn't born blind or deaf so she had a regular childhood, but when she was two years old she got sick and her family though she was going to die, but she recover well not really.Her mother was giving Helen a bath one day and she move her hand in front of Helen face she didn't blink or react at all her mother tried again move her hand in front of Helen face it didn't work that when the found out Helen was blind,but it got worse for the Keller family. One day Helen mother ring the bell for dinner and Helen did come to eat so her mom went to go find Helen. Helen mother found her playing with her dolls and helen mother told helen that it was time for dinner. Helen didn't respond to her mother and keep playing with her toys so her mother tried and make noise to get Helen attention, but it didn't work. That when the found out there little baby girl was both blind and deaf, but Helen work hard and stay around her mother most of the time . Helen even made up signs for thing she wanted and needed. She grew up a bit of a mischief child well until she meet Annie Sullivan. Annie Sullivan arrived March 3,1887 she had no idea what adventure she was getting herself into (Thompson, 2003, p31). When Annie had arrive at the Keller's house she notice that Helen was a curious young lady and Annie wonder on how she was going to teach this beautiful young colt of a girl(Thompson, 2003, pg 37). So Annie roll up her sleeve and got to work. Annie grab a doll she brought for Helen and gave it to Helen the she spelled doll in Helen plam. Helen didn't do it back so Annie took the doll away and Helen started to throw a fit and Helen spelled doll in Helen hand then she gave the doll back from Helen then she spelled doll again, but this time Helen spelled it back to Annie now we are making progress.Annie though it would be good if Herself and annie live in the little cottage 5 minutes down the road. The family was worry about it at first,but agreed so Annie and Helen pack up and took a long ride to confuse helen then they got to the cottage and they unpack. Annie taught Helen but it didn't seem to click until one day Annie and Helen were outside. Annie was pumping water from the well and grab Helen hand and put it under the water then she spelled out water on Helen palm then everything clicked in. Helen understood what it meant and she spelled it right back to Annie and that it all started with a water pump.
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