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Feminism and Intersectionality

Feminism is a radical ideology that women and men should be equally empowered politically, socially and economically. Simply put, feminists want to seal the gap that has always existed between men and women in society (Carastathis, 2014). Intersectionality theory, on the other hand, conceptualizes all discriminative threats that affect people whose identities overlap with various […]

Pages: 2 Words: 573 Topics: Gender Equality, Intersectionality

Intersectionality in Philosophy

Intersectionality refers to sociology theory that outlines how an individual may be discriminated against. The term intersectionality originated in an essay written by Kimberle` Crenshaw. People are discriminated against for their race, gender, age, sexual identity, ethnicity, physical ability, class and any other characteristic that makes them a minority (Hanikivsky, 2014). Intersectionality provides a detailed […]

Pages: 1 Words: 325 Topics: Feminist Movement, Intersectionality
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What Effect of Media Bias have on Us?

On the night of November 13th, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks occurred in Paris killing and injuring citizens in cafes, restaurants, and music venues but this isn’t new information. On the other hand, multiple suicide bombings in Beirut Lebanon and in Baghdad Iraq had occurred just hours before the attacks in Paris. But there […]

Pages: 4 Words: 1199 Topics: Crime, injustice, Mass Media, media bias, Terrorism