Impact of Junk Foods

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Objective: Junk Foods are rich in calories, fat, and sugar. More Consumption of junk foods leads to rise in health disorders. The goal of the present study was to know about junk foods eating habits of people and their impact on health. Self-administered questionnaire was used to collect the data. Peoples in Chennai were selected for this study as a sample population and the total sample size was represented by 141 people.

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“Impact of Junk Foods”

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Result: The survey showed that around 47.5% of people were completely aware about harmful chemicals and 13.2% of respondents don’t mind about presence of harmful chemicals in junk foods. In the questionnaire almost 88.9% of people gave their thought that junk food is unhealthy. As per the study it is found that 10.6% were taking junk foods as an alternative to breakfast, 57.6% of a person like junk foods only for their taste.


Junk food is not a healthy food which every people must know because they generally prefer to eat junk food. Good health is important for everyone to live a healthy life. Increasing junk food consumption leads to harmful effects on future generations. It is the duty of the Parents to be conscious about eating habits of their children, because at childhood they don’t know what is good for their health.

The highly processed item usually belongs to junk foods. Depend on the person’s class Junk food is used, with high class people tending to have a broder definition , but low-income people’s only consume few junk food . Most of the Junk foods are poor in nutrients. Junk foods are Fast Foods, Pizza, Burger, Candies, Chips, Sugary Drinks, Cakes, and so on.

Harmful Ingredients Of Junk Foodsof Junk Foods

Used in food to enhance the taste and pantry shelf, Tran’s fats are not good to health because they increase body’s Low-density lipoprotein (bad) cholesterol and also decrease the High- density lipoprotein (good) cholesterol. Eating Tran’s fats increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Trans fats have been banned, but it is still moving in the society. Some of the Trans fats containing foods are fried foods like doughnuts, cakes, cookies, coffee creame

Sucralose (a very sweet synthetic compound from sucrose), Aspartame ( a very sweet substance from aspartic acid and phenylalanine) . Believe it or not, lain sugar is better than these sweeteners. Some of these chemicals affect your weight by bring about the hormone that instructs your body to store fat. It affects brain function and decrease your mood, sleep cycle, and digestion.

A flavor often found in frozen entrees, soups, and many restaurant foods .It also affects brain cells in the hypothalamus. Based on MSG it could be a flavor foil unremarkably additional to Chinese foods, canned vegetables and processed meats. For this reason, once favorer is additional to food, the government agency needs that or not it’s listed on the label.

Consuming turn out doused with pesticides (dichlorophenol or a pair of 5-DCP, in particular) has been joined to people’s blubber. These chemicals disrupt the system of human body, inflicting the body’s metabolic system to malfunction.

Harmful Effects Of Junk Foods On Human Health

A no. of studies are conducted worldwide that had evidenced the harmful effects of food consumption. Through these examples we’ve got tried to bring your attention towards this subconscious threat of food.

Experiment @ Scripps Research Institute USA:

A study by Paul Johnson and Paul Kenny at the Scripps analysis Institute in 2008 advised that food consumption alters undergarment in activity in an exceedingly manner like addictive medication like hard drug and diacetylmorphine. For this study a collection of rats were hand-picked and got junk foods. once several weeks with unlimited access to food, the pleasure centers of rat brains became desensitized, requiring additional food for pleasure. When the food was quarantined and replaced with a healthy diet, the rats starved for 2 weeks & died rather than uptake alimental food.

Report Of British Journal Of Nutrition

A similar study by 2007 British Journal of Nutrition found that feminine rats UN agency eat food throughout physiological condition exaggerated the chance of unhealthy feeding habits in their offspring.


The present survey was conducted in metropolis, India. The sample population 141 was chosen for the study. Questionnaires were distributed to the people by social media. Among the 141 respondents, 68 were males and 76 females. All the participants were with the various age groups from 20 and above years and therefore the mean age was 21-23 years. The form was distributed and knowledge collected within one week of 2019, March. One page form containing set of fifteen multiple alternative queries was ready and distributed. The people were given a brief overview about junk foods and their pathological state effects. The responses were collected and counted manually supported the choices given for every question framed. The participants were provided quarter-hour to complete the form framed.

42.13% of Non Chennai take food quite or adequate thrice every week, 53.3% of them take food double every week four.49 you look after them take food once every week. In case of Chennai, 9.1 % of them take food quite or adequate thrice every week, 31.9% of them take food double every week of them take food once every week. However, if we tend to speak in terms of finance offered & frequency of food consumption, we tend to found that thirty seventh of non Chennai spent quite rs.3000 in a very month over junk foods as compared with Chennai just in case of that solely sixteen.39% of them spent quite Rs. 3000 a month over food consumption. Thus, we will safely conclude that people’s happiness to different states is more thus, from the on top of figure it’s completely clear that consumption of junk foods rely upon the residential standing of AN individual. A student residing in an exceedingly pg is a lot of probably to consume junk food as he are going to be having no access to homespun food, and thus, falling in vicious circle of junkfoods. Another reason could also be the straightforward availableness and instant nature of junk food. Since, students residing removed from their homes area unit back to cook their own or head to some special places for home made foods as a result of lack of your time. Thus, Non Chennai area unit a lot of Prone to the Harmful Effects of Junk Foods. A luncheon Delivery Service to the Door Steps of scholars By Any Entrepreneur organisation can prove a Boon in Curbing This Menace of Junk Foods.


The focus of my finding embody the views of adolescents on junk foods, causes of their inclination towards food, the harmful health effects of overconsumption of food merchandise. From our study we’ve got known sure factors accountable for accumulated feeding habits of junk foods that include: the role of television advertisements attracts the school students to junk foods. There is a bigger want for the younger generation to perceive the nutrient facts and numerous chemical additives that area unit further to boost junk food consumption since the matter of food consumption is of personal selection instead of any governmental regulations.


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