The Ban of Unhealthy Foods in Schools

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Unhealthy foods in schools should not be banned because it should be a option for the students to choose whether or not they want to eat healthy. Schools should provide both healthy and unhealthy foods for the students. Some schools actually serve healthy and unhealthy options. Yes, child obesity is big in the United States but I also feel like it should still be available to at least to the high schools. Vending machines should have the healthy and unhealthy snacks available for the students. I see no harm in vending machines offering unhealthy snacks. Lunches brought from home is not the schools business at all. Whatever the parent’s packs for their child is between them and their child. Just because the school doesn’t serve unhealthy foods doesn’t mean the child cannot eat a snack.

Obesity in children is a very serious matter. It could lead to diabetes and high cholesterol. Schools are trying to prevent this by serving healthy foods. But kids are kids and they should be able to have a treat. Serving healthy foods is not bad, but there also should be days where they should get treats. It is all about limits. If the snacks were given but limited it should not be effective to the children.

High school students should also get the options to eat either healthy or unhealthy. Most students don’t even care about what they are eating, they are just happy to be able to have a hot meal provided for them daily. Not everyone is fortunate to even have the choice for healthy and unhealthy.

School lunches are undergoing some changes. School officials are starting to take a look at what kids want to be good. Everyday moods and behavior will be badly impacted by bad food choices. It may be tough, yet, to provide good foods with school lunches while different students are munching on flakes. All kids are not going to be participating in the program. That brings up some doubts about the rights of parents. When health is the issue, schools need to see the difference. In actuality, as complete ban may be unrealistic, as packed lunches may not be monitored the same manner as education offered lunches.

The more matter that changes in the restaurant, the better it and those costs go. This enables some kids to enjoy their lunches and increase the food that is necessary to be good. As we look in schools nowadays, the banning of unhealthy foods have forced kids to the greatest eating habit of all; eating nothing at all.

An English chef and restaurateur, Jamie Oliver, started the formal effort to prohibit bad food at British schools and to make kids consuming nutritious food instead. Oliver's attempts to make revolutionary change to the school meals organization, chronicled at this program Jamie's school Dinners, challenged this junk-food society by showing schools they would provide healthy, cost-efficient meals that kids enjoyed eating. ( His campaigns took the issue of education dinners to the political perspective and altered the types of food served at schools. (29 March 2010.)

Shifting the school meal system to healthier food instead of junk food, sometimes causes that food to be still less wholesome so before education organizations are attempting to banned junk food but this not effective and also not fair to students. Banning junk food is giving schools, ``need cooking facilities, bad components, and students resistance to more nutrient alternatives e.g., sweet fruits and vegetables '' (Bruske). Some schools who attempt to modify the meal program will to make ride of junk food sometimes make the meal plans even worse so earlier.

Junk food is set as food items which are mostly thought to be bad and get poor nutritional value. Still, some kids and adolescents love eating junk food because it tastes better. However, junk food is usually outed as one of the primary reasons of obesity at young people. Some education canteens deliver junk food among different matters to students. As much, it is thought that the selling of junk food at education canteens is censored in order to change student’s behavior, decrease rubbish at schools and it is indeed the school’s responsibility to take care of students’ health. But, there are many other factors that can affect the health of students. The most important factor is the amount of junk food they consume.

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