How to Develop a Market for the Ha Kim Hai Company

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TOPIC: How to develop market of Ha Kim Hai Company.  
I: Introduction.................................................................3 II: S.W.O.T analysis...................................................3 III: Main what is market development ..................................3, 4, 5 1: problem and solution 1.............................................3, 4 2: Problem and solution 2..............................................4 3: Problem and solution 3..............................................5 IV: Advantage of Ha Kim Hai Company.............................................4 V: Disadvantage of Ha Kim Hai Company...........................................5 VI: Conclusion.................................................................5
  1. Introduce about Ha Kim Hai Company:
Ha Kim Hai Co., Ltd. is a professional logistic company in Vietnam. It provides services and comprehensive solutions in Logistics professionals. Ha Kim Hai Company has suffered considerable competition from other delivery companies in the country and most foreign logistics companies with strong economic potential. At that time, the company mainly relies on patrons of leadership. After a period of operation, the company has gradually captured the market, finding and developing relationships with new customers through the enthusiastic, energetic team of young staff. After nearly 4 years of studying and striving, plus an understanding of the market, with the right business strategy of leadership and building trust with customers by its quality of service, to today, the trading Hai Ha Kim Company operational stability, market mix of international freight forwarding, gradually asserted its name and expanded business scale.
  1. S.W.O.T Analysis
SWOT Analysis is a simple form for analyzing a company’s strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats that the company may front. In this essay, I will talk about Ha Kim Hai SWOT analysis to improve our company’s strengths, minimize our company’s weaknesses, take our chances in the opportunities, and know what to prepare when the threats come. Each company has its own strengths and weaknesses. Our strengths are good service, cheap price, and our employees work well with each other. The strength of being a small company is all the employees know the others. Therefore, we work great as a team. Besides that, our company put the quality of our services on the top, so our services are high quality. The service of company is good; our services are on time and always put the benefit of customers on top. Therefore, the price is affordable with such good service. Weaknesses of Ha Kim Hai Company are limited capital, cannot take bid amount orders, difficulty in finding markets, clients, establishing oversea branches. Because of small company, so we do not have enough money to buy transportations, and we must pay money for moving goods. Moreover, we have only 5 employees, so that is not enough to take big amount orders. Like every other companies, Ha Kim Hai has to face many threats and has many chances when the opportunities come. Our big opportunity is the economy getting better, and more companies will export and import goods, so our company will receive more orders. On the other hand, revenue may be affected because customers may have economic problems. For example, riot or economic crisis will make our company have problem and hard to raising capital. Ha Kim Hai Company provides sea freight and air freight solution services, and we make sure our customers' goods arrive at their worldwide destinations safely. Our service also includes all level of transport or all necessary formalities, from customs clearance to transport insurance.
  • Employees work well with each other
  • Good service
  • Affordable price
  • Limited capital
  • Cannot take big amount orders
  • The economy is improving. Our company will receive more orders
  • Revenue may be affected in case clients have economic problems
  1. What is market development?
Market development is a crucial side. It ensures that businesses gain three basic goals: Profit, safety and power. Moreover, businesses also base on those goals to create strategies, and the aim is market development. Therefore Ha Kim Hai Company should expand export markets, policy prices of services, and competitive factors research.
  1. Export market expanding Export market expanding is also one of export market development. Company raises sales by increasing the traditional service market in the new market. Ha Kim Hai Company looks for new consumers in the market that has not ever integrated before. This method is usually used by Company when the recent market leads to saturate about Company’s services. For the export market, market expanding belong quite a lots to macro factors such as government policies, culture, international trading, etc. Therefore, the first condition to expand export market is macro factors have to be convenient. Basing on convenient conditions, Ha Kim Hai Company can expand export market by following three factors: Service, customer and geography. First of all, expanding market bases on geography factor: Ha Kim Hai Company can increase the appearance of Company at new areas, new countries through the Company’s recent services. About exporting and importing, Company usually uses this method because of the very wide international market (Including area and customers demand). More to the point, the integrating into the market is not easy. Therefore, the moving to different markets is the judicious way that export and import of Company use to make the market share of service, sales and profit go up for many times. Secondly, expanding market bases on customer factor, so Ha Kim Hai Company try to raise the market share of service through new potential customers. It means Company does not only focus on main customers, but they also expand the number of customer who uses their services at the first time. Then, expanding market bases on service factor, so Ha Kim Hai expands our market by creating new tools of the recent services. New customers can be the recent market’s customers or new market’s customers. It brings Ha Kim Hai Company a higher number of sales.
  1. Policy of prices
Between the demand and the demand with payment capability is different. Therefore, the perfect service, which company provides to customer with not only good quality services but also the price factor is very important to customer decide to accept our services. Therefore, Policy of price is the key tool for businesses to attract customer, it is a direct factor determining the growth of sales and profitability of the business. The principle of price policy in the export market and domestic market area is not different. That’s means Ha Kim Hai Company must make customers realize the price of services is suitable and earn profit from short-term to long term. However, price policy on the export market is more complex because multiple factors are governed more such as costs and consumer demand, market demand, competitive level control and management of local authorities... On the other hand, in the export market, they have strongly influenced by exchange rates. Moreover, economic development of a stable political will partially guarantee the stability factor. In the export business enterprises often use the following types of pricing policies. Then, prices policy of shipping costs is most applicable. There are two kinds of prices, which is the FOB price (price without shipping costs), for this kind of price the seller may deliver the goods at the warehouse, at the border, or in a location specified by the parties of the seller. Moreover, CIF (cost with shipping costs) is usually delivered in the water seller. In Vietnam, transportation remains are underdeveloped, particularly transport by sea. Besides the export CIF also weak, so Vietnamese companies often sales FOB that cause limitations in export activities. It is not only get loss in shipping activities but also has difficult in sales activity if partner is unfit for transport operations, such as Russia, China... Moreover the stage of delivery of the seller will have more difficulties. Thanks to working experience of all members at Ha Kim Hai Company, we can solve a lot of problems, and we can help customers choose and use the best service to have the best result.
  1. Competitive factors research
The attraction of foreign markets is influenced by the level of competition in the market. However, Collecting S.W.O.T information of competitors is very difficult because it depends on the assessment and customer’s perceptions. For the export market, Ha Kim Hai Company faces not only one but also more competitors such as domestic competitors and international competitors. Domestic competitors can get a lot of convenience factors because they are supported by the government to research and understand clearer information of customer’s consumer tastes, customs cultural, and business environment. Therefore, all member of Ha Kim Hai try to work hard to compete with local competitors. However, international competitors are strong potential rivals, and they have strategic subtle competition plans. Then, they have resources and better quality services for all kinds of different forms of business. To cope those problem, Ha Kim Hai Company cooperate with Viet Thai Group to stabilize our finance, and have plans to improve company in long-term.
  1. Advantages of Ha Kim Hai Company: Ha Kim Hai Company’s services business has a young and enthusiastic team to work quickly and effectively. The staff’s English and IT proficiency are professional. Therefore the completion of documents on the computer is very quick. The connection in work between Sales rooms, stock rooms and Operation rooms is effective and logical. Ha Kim Hai’ delivery process is clear, and the legal knowledge of employees can solve problems that arises unexpectedly. Moreover, the company has very good Asia’s prices with high competitiveness. The company has warehouses and private transportation in order to serve delivering conveniently and safely.
  1. Disadvantage of Ha Kim Hai Company:
Number of transportation is a few, only partly meet the needs of the freight company, take a lot of time for waiting at the airport to pick up goods from the warehouse after the completion of Customs procedures. Especially, sometimes it can lead to late delivery to customers during peak hours. When delivery is a very simple procedure, the delivery procedure is completed easily, and the customers sign directly on the photocopy one only that they received their goods. Therefore, this will lead to disputes in the future easily. Then Ha Kim Hai Company despites the warehouse and transportation to retail customers as close pallet cargo, cargo airport waiting to bring out ... but still not meet the fast and quick demand of customers. Therefore, companies need to invest a team equipped vehicles transporting container for the continuous to increase of container transportation needs. The company does not meet the demand of vehicles. The time line for many companies to hire external media, making it difficult for the delivery and the company also lost profits. However, investors should also consider calculation of payback ability to avoid losses due to improper procurement needs carefully. About procedures for customer delivery, according to the fact, some logistics company for patrons often overlook this because they worked together for a long time. However, from the little details like that would be very easy to arise disputes later, so the company should have a form template, which is more specific Minutes freight forwarders, on which will specifically indicate the name goods, quantity, weight, condition of goods upon delivery, ... and signed as well as the seal of customers. The reports will be the basis for the complaint later if it is necessary.

VI. Conclusion: In the globalization society, the companies in the field of import and export play a very important role in the development of the national economy, contributing to improve the living standards of workers and the development of countries. Especially in the field of logistics, opportunities and risks are always exists. The profitable investment opportunities that only those who have the foresight and brave enough to venture a difficult market and requires large capital by the risk that failure always leads offline. Service delivery of import and export goods by air are a business area associated with other areas of trade, as a bridge to deliver goods to all over the world. About the workflow needs of professional and dynamic skills and professionalism, hidden challenges and pitfalls for the upcoming school students. Thank to the process of delivery of imported goods at the company they also understand the complexity and importance of delivery import procedures, paperwork and processing capabilities of the company's employees is always serious, the principle has contributed in the long-term development of the

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