How i Understand the Meaning of Success

What defines a successful person? Is it popularity, is it power, or is it money. To me, a successful person is none of these things. They earn their success through hard work, determination, and risk taking. Many people believe that success is a straight road with no bumps or breaks, but to find true success people will always have to go through a harsh and bumpy path. Someone with a flat road is not a risk taker, and if people do not take risks they will never meet true success.

In my life, accomplishing my goals has led to some of my success. Some goals that I have achieved are good grades, finishing my homework on time, and paying attention during classes. This is what has made me successful in school. Accomplishing these goals have shaped me into being a potential Honor Corps inductee.  Success has been a positive influence on my life, but there are also other things that have been a great influence to me, such as all of my teachers. Without my teachers, I would never have been where I am right now.

Beginning from preschool all the way to eighth grade, my teachers have taught me a lot of what I know today. They are one of the two biggest reasons why I can be a potential inductee. The other reason, probably the bigger of the two, are my parents. They have always been there for me when I needed them most. Whenever I struggle with something, my parents will find ways to encourage me and help make the struggle easier. Without them my grades would be lower, I would not do my homework, and I would have no reason to pay attention during class.  

No matter what problem I face I know my parents will always be there for me. Whether it be about school, sports, or anything else they have always taught me to persevere and excel. I truly did not understand the meaning of success until I got benched during a soccer game. That is when I found the determination inside of me to get back the starting spot that I had lost, and eventually, after a lot of work and determination, I did get my starting spot back. This made me realize how much I truly take for granted, and that I should always work hard for what I get.  

Almost all of my success that I have earned throughout the years is due to my parents and teachers, but there is a little bit of success that was earned by me because I am the one controlling the amount of success that I have in my lifetime. The amount of success someone earns is based on the supporters that people have around them and how much one believes in oneself.

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