How Can we Address and Prevent Veteran Homelessness in our Communities

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As a citizen, we need to make sure to prevent veteran homelessness. Some ways to prevent homelessness is by finding public housing. Public Housing is housing provided for people with low incomes, subsidized by public funds. Public housing authorities can share their house inspections with non-profit organizations to help find veteran’s houses to live in. Communities can send representatives to the100,000 Homes Campaign Housing Placement Boot Camp to discover ways to streamline and shorten their housing placement processes. We can find counselors for the homeless. We can donate food, clothes and/or money, volunteer, and if you are an employer, you can offer them a job. That is stuff for them to get up and running again. Sometimes, they need some counseling after what happened at war. Strides have been made through the rapid performance of evidence-based innovations, capacity building, and strategic focus on goals: prevention, moving veterans into permanent housing, providing the population-tailored care and services needed to keep them housed, and providing the supports necessary to allow them to recover and be productive members of their communities.

Domiciliary Residential Rehabilitation and Treatment Programs.Homeless Grant and Per Diem Program. Substance Use Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program are some programs that help out with homeless veterans.

If we, citizens give some food, water, and shelter in one of the homeless shelter to the homeless. They would probably be happy to have that stuff. Then, when they are ready to earn money, and work hard they could get a job, somewhere. When they get a job, they can get their own house, and their own car. People give opportunities to everyone, to work. People can promote veteran employment. They can coordinate housing efforts. People can help by navigating house options, collect and distribute move in essentials.

As of today, many people have been helping the homeless get there needs to live. People donated a lot, like food, clothes, drinks and other things to survive. Doctors sometimes checks up on homeless people, to make sure they are okay. They have to have health care. People offered them counseling.

Most Veterans who are homeless with dental treatment through programs like the Domiciliary Residential Rehabilitation Treatment, VA Grant and Per Diem, Compensated Work Therapy/Transitional Residence, Health Care for Homeless Veterans and Community Residential Care. VA is working to expand dental care to all eligible Veterans. We can start making town meetings to help them out by giving daily clothes, food, and money to them, but sometimes people that are homeless, sometimes takes advantage of the people giving them money.

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