Americans Desire a High Quality of Health Care

Medical Expenses are outrageous, Children, adults and people all over the world are dying and losing their lives because of the prices of medication. Epi pens, insulin, and medication in general are very expensive. Insurances are paying most of the expenses, but most people are having to pay hundreds, or even thousands of dollars for medication for their families or themselves.

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“Americans Desire a High Quality of Health Care”

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Americans desire a high quality of life and insurers/employers are trying to provide the means, but cost effectively and without raising costs. In order to do this, “consumers will have to make more decisions,pay more and perhaps demand greater quality. (Barr, Paul). The common forces driving utilization and costs are medical technology advancement, demanding consumers and aging population. For much too long, American pharmaceutical companies have been getting away with overcharging American citizens. Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Italy have all negotiated pricing with pharmaceutical on behalf of the citizens for lower-price on brand name drugs. Due to the negotiated prices, the citizens in these countries pay significantly less for prescription drugs, which substantially reduces the total medical cost with these countries.

In the United States, corporations, employees, and economy are affected stakeholders. There are three issues when it comes to the health care cost rising. The first is the rising cost in prescription drugs. The second area of rising cost is the increased technologies when it comes to the medical industry. More and more people with medical insurance are relying on the healthcare system as new technologies and treatments come available. This leads to a greater number of claims for payment insurance companies, the costs which are paid back to health care consumers. Most innovative and branded drugs in the market are protected by patients, and this is obviously an obstacle to the market entry of generic drugs. Moreover, most doctors are not responsible for providing patients with drugs, so they would not have motivations to prescribe low cost drugs. This causes the drug cost to be higher. As drug cost keeps rising, the government and pharmacy are still raising prices higher and higher today.

The United States is the only state that has the highest medical expenses and are struggling to resolve the issues of health care system for decades now. Looking at the history of previous policies, all issues have stemmed from one major common factor, the cost of health care. Therefore, the reshaping of the health care system can only be effective by improving the affordability and quality of coverage for those who are currently insured.

Most people in the US say that participating in yoga may take away the medication and maybe help the prices decrease. Yoga helps people relax and feel at peace with a subtle feeling of stimulation. Medication is harsh on the body and some people overuse their privileges of getting medication. There are people out there paying thousands and thousands of dollars for chemo and radiation to stay alive and other people are taking advantage and overdosing. More than 72,000 people overdosed in 2017, there are no telling how many more people have overdosed in 2018. People are paying to fight for their lives and over people are paying to lose theirs. The US needs a law where you have to have a real problem before you get prescribed medication, most people just want it to sell and make money off of.

Medication effects all of us, wherever we live and whatever we do. The problem can tear apart the family structure and make it hard for learning. Difficulties on the job due to drug abuse make it hard for the United Stated to keep businesses open. The world is having problems with drugs and marijuana today. People abuse the use of what they have. Oklahoma just recently legalized medical marijuana and i think it’s great if it’s used for the right reasons. People don’t need to walk and say there back hurts and get an unlimited amount from the doctors. Medical marijuana should be used for Cancer and ADHD medication substitution. It will be a lot cheaper on people if they do that. Chemo and Radiation are the most expensive medications and they are the most important things to keep people alive today. Epi pens, and insulin are the highest things to keep the kids alive, people are prescribed this stuff everyday.

In conclusion, Medication expenses are overpriced and the US should definitely think about getting the prices lowered. Epi pens, insulin, chemo and radiation, are the things most needed to keep people alive who are dying. The people who are disabled and on social security should have it easier for them, the people who are disabled from war shouldn’t have to pay for the medication if they live in a military home. People deserve medication expenses to be cheaper. 

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