Act of Suicide in Hamlet

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Suicide is a typical issue some mull over when confronting hardships and inconveniences throughout everyday life. These demonstrations and contemplations are caused by issues of death, tragedy, and sadness which some will be unable to adapt to. A considerable lot of the philosophies that were accepted as of right now were intensely formed by their religious convictions and had serious results. The theme of suicide continuously is talked about in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

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“Act of Suicide in Hamlet”

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Hamlet speaks on suicide on more than one occasion. Ophelia actually leads herself to commit the act. Even though the choice of suicide ultimately lies in the hands of the beholder, it is not considered to be a legitimate way out morally or religiously. Hamlet is the protagonist of the play, he is Catholic so committing suicide is definitely against his religion. Yet he is more concerned with what the nobler thing to do is. He believes that committing suicide would not be a noble act because he is lurking for revenge of his fallen father, but he wants to to end the suffering he has. Hamlet is very confused and questions the easy way out.

Suicide is expressed in hamlet as a result of real emotions. He wants to commit suicide to end all of his pain and suffering but he knows at the same time they would be no justice paid and his father would not be avenged. After the death of her father and the rejection from hamlet Ophelia is driven to insanity and ultimately plunges from a tree branch into the river and drowns. The ghost told him Hamlet to enact his revenge in the opening scenes of the play. He wants to make sure that Claudius did in fact kill his father, so since about trying to figure it out. Claudius is Hamlet’s uncle, the brother of his Father. Throughout the play Hamlet has many opportunities to kill Claudius but waits for the event moment. Finally, in a duel between Laertes, brother of Ophelia, and Hamlet, Hamlet slips away after killing Laertes and stabs Claudius with the poison sword.

Hamlets soliloquy occurs in act one, scene two of the play from lines 333 to 363, and is reproduced in full above. Hamlet’s soliloquy informs the audience of his intense negative feelings towards his mother’s remarriage and highlights the inner turmoil those feelings create within him. In lines 333-334 he says he wishes his body was dissolved into a puddle, basically meaning he doesn’t want to exist. In this soliloquy he also talks about how suicide is not an option because it’s forbidden against god , O that this is too too solid flesh would melt, Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew!. Even though he was very sad about his father’s death he was more upset about his mother not being loyal towards his father. He says, a beast would have even mourned longer.. He is very angry at his mother and somewhat confused but thinks of his mother as being weak, Frailty, thy name is woman!. He closes the soliloquy saying he needs to keep his thoughts to himself.

Hamlet’s second soliloquy occurs in act 3 scene 1, many people are familiar with his words to be or not to be: that it the question. He is basically questioning whether or not life is worth it to keep going, debating suicide. His obstacle, like all who contemplate death, is his fear of the unknown. In essence, dead men tell no tales, thus no matter how hard we try, man will never know what comes after the end of our life. But that the dread of something after death, The undiscover’d country from whose bourn No traveller returns, puzzles the will And makes us rather bear those ills we have Than fly to others that we know not of? Thus conscience does make cowards of us all. If Hamlet proceeds to kill King Claudius, he believes that he’ll be dead too after killing him, and he is afraid of death because of the unknown consequences he mentions above. That is why is not able to make a decision on whether to execute the Ghost’s revenge or to endure his sufferings at this point in the play. Even though he knows suicide isn’t the right way out it seems to be the easiest.

In conclusion the Shakespearean tragedy hamlet explores many philosopher goal ideologies including the unpardonable act of suicide. Through Hamlets continual contemplation of suicide in your file is active suicide, it can be seen that although it may be seen as the easiest solution the fax can distress those around you. Suicide maybe the easy way out but it provides a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

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