Hamlet’s Denial of the Truth

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We as people have issues coping with things, especially the loss of loved ones. Our emotions are what build us and tear us down, hamlet is an amazing representation of that, here’s why.

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“Hamlet’s Denial of the Truth”

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The spirit of Hamlet’s father who was murdered in cold blood appears to hamlet in the darkness. The ghost speaks to Hamlet and claims to be his father. He tells Hamlet, avenge my death, a foul and most unnatural murder (I.V. 25). Hamlet tells himself that it can’t be his father and can’t be true out of fear that he has to go on without his father. Now devastated he begins to live in denial and search for whoever killed his father. He also pledges to recall and obey the ghost ultimately bringing out his demise. Changing his attitude from a depressed man to a confused person causing him to make questionable decisions. Leading him to the idea of sham madness to find his father’s killer.

Hamlet begins to suspect claudius has killed his father yet he doesn’t know for sure, it is revealed to him that his father has really been murdered and it devastates him. The spirit of his father comes to visit him once again to tell him, as i was asleep in the garden someone came and poured poison into my ear, he who had done so is he who wears the crown. As it turns out, his uncle claudius murdered his father so that he could claim the throne. he then cried out, oh my prophetic soul! (I.V.40). Crying out Hamlet had a scene of insight after finding out his uncle murdered his father.

Acting out Hamlet finds the king praying in his closet, but refuses to kill him, because his soul would go to heaven. In the story it also says Hamlet decides to wait, resolving to kill Claudius when the king is sinning when he is either drunk, angry, or lustful. He leaves. Claudius rises and declares that he has been unable to pray sincerely: My words fly up, my thoughts remain below (III.III.96). Stating Hamlet wants a sufficient revenge and does not want claudius to go to heaven.

Devastated by the death of his father, and the fact it was a relative who took his father from him would be too much for Hamlet to deal with. He lived in denial of the truth and did everything he could to convince himself it wasn’t true and avenge the man who raised him. Hamlet would rather die than deal with the pain of losing his beloved father. Therefore he gave up on his own life to avenge his father, which ultimately led to an untimely death. All in all this stories show how fragile the minds of human beings are and how we struggle to cope with things. No matter how big or small the issue, we live in denial of them.

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