Hamlet, Insane or not Insane

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Different hypotheses can be brought forth in the efforts to discover the truth behind whether Hamlet was insane or not. Among the hypotheses are; That he was sane all through but he only faked insanity for the success of the play; that Hamlet was less concerned with the insane part but more to his interview with the Ghost; That lack of sound mind was partial in Hamlet though it was only discovered with time during the play, (Allen and Joseph, 6). Therefore as per these hypotheses outlined, though they look more like assumed, it’s good to first analyze opinions of individuals who had presented their views earlier before. Therefore, a doctor brought forth the fact that “the dignity of any line of reason is hindered by certain interruptions of a disease. Throughout his talk together with Polonius, the style he mostly used in his speech, to a greater extent, it was highly suggestive of his and kind of convincing that he was really insane.

According to Dr. Ray, “bad dreams “as he notes with Hamlet are among the signs of upcoming sense of insanity, therefore, how he behaves while talking to Ophelia, there is a sign of an interesting feature in something that to some extent is brought about by insanity over an influences by the heart and where the chains brought about by the heartfelt love are purely dissolved irrespective of the fact that it continues among men, (Mack and Maynard, 23). Also, “Dr. Bucknill points out relative to similar issue that Hamlet’s behavior in the play “is combined with faked mind unsoundness and the generosity of passion.

According to Doctor Conolly, together with other things contributing to Hamlet’s behaviors to secrecy and the signs of insanity which can be recognized by any physician intimately equipped with the information on how insanity begins, to the flightiness where on almost all circumstances, Hamlet’s speech is affected and slowly to the continuity of the hindrance like it’s explained by one of the fellow characters in his mode of talking while trying to convey the seriousness as it is displayed by a person with unsound mind within a short period and as well to the spendthrift and unsettled behavior, lack of sleep, strange dreams, Ophelia’s efforts to convince about his insanity and  anxiety as the two may relate and appear in an unsound mind person.

However, away from the belief brought about by these experts though I can’t set my ignorance against their established knowledge about the issue of insanity, I really agree with their explanations brought out to prove how the insanity in question is being conveyed but yet disagree with the remarks they came to arrive at. This is because Hamlet declared his intention of assuming “an antic disposition”, this is conveyed in the conversation by his mother assuring her that he will only be mad in craft. Also, in the trial he suggests so that people will prove sanity, may however seem useless in judging this issue of his insanity, (Allen and Joseph, 6). But, the fact that Shakespeare, the author of the play has influenced many into believing that the unsound mindedness of Hamlet is something very small as compared to his outstanding talent in the works of acting plays. The fact that he could comprehend things very quickly and accurately with the unsound mind in its different levels, then nothing could hinder him the ability towards assuming all those phrases.

Another incident where Hamlet’s insanity is manifested is while he was conversing together with some other two actors as they had suddenly returned without his knowledge. Their finds Hamlet unaware and as a strange occurrence where he abruptly assumes that they had been sent by the king and who he doubted was behind the whole issue. Therefore, while they were in his presence, he has to play somewhat a different role, (Mack and Maynard, 23). He first ascertains whether they have been set to spy against him and therefore without much strain, the completely confuses them with the impression of his ideas and in the way he makes irrelevant observations from time to time.

In conclusion, I have therefore come to consider the question whether Hamlet, though not insane from the onset, assumes such a behavior after they are through with acting a certain part of the play and thereafter, whatever remains is the flashbacks that actually he was initially not of unsound mind neither by reality nor by pretense. Therefore to my opinion, it shows how Hamlet was not mad but assumed the character so as to see the success of the play and to clearly bring forth the intended message perfectly. Something which brought about contradicting discussions on the fate of his sound mindedness. It is always obvious and acceptable for one to change character to behave in a way that may leave the audience wondering about their state if they knew them before, this is done so as to exactly bring on board the type of character intended for the play to achieve its goals as per the prevailing public demand.

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