Growth Mind Vs Fixed Mind

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Fixed verses growth mind set

Mindset is said to be a people's believe in the mind, the underlying believes that people have about learning and intelligence (Dweck 4). It comes in two forms; it can either be fixed mindset or growth mindset. This was put forth by Carol Dreck and her colleagues interested in students'attitudes towards failure. As scholars they saw the need to come up with a strategy of getting to know student causes of failure and achievement at the same time. This research paper aims at educating the reader on the definition of a fixed mind set and a growth mind set. It also states the importance and ways of getting the growth mindset and lastly gives personal views about the mindset, mostly the growth mind set.

In a fixed mind set people believe that their basic qualities like talents and ability to understand or their intellectual capabilities are simply fixed traits. They therefore spend most of their time criticizing their abilities instead of working on them and developing them. They also believe that talent alone can create success which is wrong to my own opinion. It is not true because one cannot be able to perfectly perform without practice. The white men also believe that practice makes perfect. Through practice we discover or talents develop them and we later acquire success. The fixed mind set is not advisable to learners.

In a growth mindset, people believe that they can only improve and develop their skills and talent through hard work. People discover their abilities and dedicate all their energies which later bring about success. This creates an encouraging environment for work and high levels of production. The growth mindset creates motivation, on various areas of development such as, education, business, games and sports and also worldwide relationships between developing and developed countries (Dweck 75).

Mindset is an important mind belief since it helps us understand the reason as to why we should praise our efforts and not our ability. The belief that one can make it makes one work hard with persistence and can therefore achieve much. Therefore we are in control of what we are capable of doing. The goals that we set show that we have the ability and we strongly believe that we can achieve. The believe goes hand in hand with success. This is the reason as to why we should not praise our children basing our arguments on their abilities but we should clearly describe to them how they can put more effort in order to perform.

Growth mindset is more preferred than fixed mind set. There are various ways in which we can develop our growth mindset. We should avoid being victims of imperfection and learn that we cannot do everything perfectly but we can try and do everything to our level best. This way we can develop our growth mindset (Schorr 20). We should also learn to accept challenges and deal with them as opportunities that will pave way to greater heights. Challenges also strengthen us and shape our abilities. Through the challenges we develop the growth mindset if we receive the positively and work on them in one heart.

As learners we should always never say that we are failures. If we do not make it in a task we should not call ourselves failures indeed take it as a challenge and work on it without any negativity, we will realize that we even have greater abilities to handle the task and may even discover new ways or teach others new things that we could have knowledge about.

Achievers will not always value the end result but give much value to the understanding of the processes. For example in mathematics, a learner who appreciates the growth mindset is said to be more focused on knowing the formula and the steps to be followed rather than getting the correct answer. The correct answer is less important compared to the procedures that could even earn him or her more marks and also help us to handles related sums correctly. This is only when we want to develop our growth mindset.

Our abilities are based on our success. Psychologists believe that we should not give up on what we love. Putting more effort on what we love best helps us do it to our level best hence best results. If you think of less, work for less, you end up getting what you deserve. We all have our abilities and we should set our minds to maximize them.

Learner performance is based on their own believe about themselves. For example, if a learner believes that they can make it, they will always make it. For example in higher level of learning, Mathematics and physics is said to be harder for students. Those students who put such a belief in their mind it is also difficult to perform in class. Those who do not listen to such propaganda and work hard with persistence giving more time to the challenging parts of the subjects, and asking questions that happen to be difficult for them helps to make them pass and achieve the best.

This is the reason why a student who passes in a mathematics paper in form one or primary school, may end up failing in the form four exams. The difference comes in when the student changes the attitude on listening to propaganda that mathematics and physics is challenging. Once their minds are set on such basis, they reduce their practice and hard work hence negative results.

The fixed mind set can be changed to the growth mindset through ignoring the voice of the fixed mindset and do exactly the opposites of what you feel, for instance having a negative attitude towards hard work, brush it off and work hard. Realize that you can make a choice, work on it and succeed. Whenever challenges come your way, do not criticize them, work on them wholeheartedly and realize your abilities (Schieville 41). In this way you develop your abilities and achieve through your hard work. Practice listening to people with a positive mind, those that encourage you to do the right thing even in challenges.

With the growth mind set, a learner is able to know the appropriate learning style and use the right learning strategies. Various learning styles can work on various people. As a learner one should be able to learn those styles that work for him or her. Those that work should be put in practice. Those that do not work, should be changed for better since the brain can be retrained and reorganized to fit other things since the brain is not fixed then the mind should not be fixed either.

In conclusion, the learner should prioritize learning over seeking approval. One should not worry about what other people say but should ensure that they develop their brains and mind through learning. People who have embraced the growth mind set have the ability to tune their brains to work and learn. Success may not be gotten at first attempt but could be achieved through a process. Set goals also help achieve the end process. It is important to enjoy learning and its processes. We should learn well and avoid learning fast.

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