Educated Mind

Education has been reported to be a significance item in each politician’s agenda. Despite this, the notion of the meaning of the phrase ‘educated mind’has never seemed to come about. The society has also been reported not to make over the idea of being educated despite having undergone a massive conversion. People have been reported to think that an educated mind is that of having know-how on the poetry and literature, having an understanding of more than one dialect and also who can appreciate social issues in addition to history (Edge.Org). Furthermore, people also think that an educated brain is the one that can deal better with economic matters, understands principles of science as well as elementary mathematics. This has been said to be a common understanding within the twenty-first century which has been reported to be an old system mind. This has been an interpretation of the past generation that existed in the nineteenth century.

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“Educated Mind”

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An educated person is a person who can adapt to whatever might be thrown to them by life. Education is more than being prepared for a workforce. This means that people should not go to school for them to be trained to be good workers for them to be considered as educated individuals. However, this does not demean work since earning a living is much essential and to have a good economy. It has been reported in America that the reasons why children are taken to school for education are to prepare them to be complete contributors in the self-governing republic (HuffPost). It has been believed that education should be gratifying by making individuals more life appreciating through the provision of power to do things like composition of music, reading for own desire. Education should also help individuals to understand the world surrounding them in a better manner.

Education can be acquired both formally and informally. Formal education is obtained in class while informal learning is the education attained outside the class. Despite this, better education should enable us to develop habits of solving problems, being creative and have curious mind hence willing to know more about something. Educated people should have the ability to criticize and analyse situations in the daily life. People should have the ability to make things for personal fulfilment and more so for entertainment. Educated individuals should have the ability to love themselves and the environment surrounding them. This is because most of the people start cursing themselves when things turn contrary to their expectations (HuffPost). The ability to balance amongst personal needs and those belonging to groups and even the world at large is also an important aspect of the education. However, all this cannot be accomplished through undergoing a school program. It is for this reason that it is hence confirmed that schools, as well as teachers, are not the only possible for educating children. Everyone in the society is said to take part in the process of educating the children. This includes parents, community, institutions as well as teachers.

The best schools have an understanding that their role is not only to fill the student’s mind with information and facts. Rather, they are aware that instilling certain habits in these children will enable them to cope with the varied diversity of situations. Some schools have been reported to do so by engaging students in research work and presentation of their work to others (Dunlosky et al., 5-8). A Certain time is taken to review as well as teach certain skills whenever necessary to ensure these students get it. Most of the time is taken by students in approaching things as they come in life where there is no breaking down of knowledge into subjects. Skills and general knowledge are used simultaneously to solve problems.

According to HuffPost, better schools are also said not to take teachers and students as objects for standardization. They do not expect students to graduate with the same thinking, a way of action as well as talking to anyone else in that class. Also, they do not expect that all teachers to conduct in the same manner. Schools in the modern world have been said to practice the ancient form of education forgetting that human beings are and will never fit in the same style as they are not widgets. Being able to adapt to whatever situation in life is thus essential and is claimed to be a result of a good education bringing an educated mind (Dunlosky et al., 5-8). Educated minds should not behave similarly. This is as it can be seen in monoculture system of farming. Due to similar genetics, anything that can destroy the crop is said to destroy the whole plantation and thus to lead to hunger. Monoculture of thinking is similarly and equally dangerous to monoculture in farming. Educated minds should have something extra that can help them survive in the current competitive world. Institutions of higher learning should take part in redefining the meaning of education to the society. They should also educate children in a way that equips them better to come with life challenges.

For children to acquire the good education and claimed to have an educated mind, parents and teachers should not only praise their strengths in class but also their efforts. They should be commended for actions of sharing, singing well, ability to follow instructions as well as assisting others. The words good work’should not only be said when they perform better in class. Other desirable behaviours should also be supported like teamwork forgiving others and many more (Britishcouncil.Org). A good learning environment is the one that exposes the learner to practice. An example, outside a cafeteria for discussion purposes would be vital as it exposes a learner to other forms learning, other than the class work learning.

In conclusion, an educated mind is the one that is said to be able to adapt and cope with challenges in life. The idea of the nineteenth century that claimed that educated people are those who have a better knowledge of scientific principles, as well as basic mathematics, should be abolished. Educated people should be able to solve problems in life, able to analyse and criticize situations as they come as well as making things entertaining and desirable. Education should not only be a process of training good employees as more is required in life. Good coping strategies should be implanted to the learners. Monoculture has been stated to be dangerous in farming as when the crop is attacked the whole plantation if affected. This leads to famine and education has been said to be no different from the plant. Extra skills and coping strategies are essential. Parents, teachers, and community have been seen to have a role in educating children. This, therefore, confirms that both formal and informal setups of education are essential.

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