Kate Chopin and Many Details in the Story of an Hour

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Imagine hearing your husband has died but all you felt was joy and freedom. Marriage is when two people are equal, and they share everything. Mrs. Mallard was in a marriage where she felt stuck and she didnt have any freedom like most women in the 19th century. There are many factors that suggest Mrs. Mallard was in an unhappy marriage. Three significant symbols in The story of an hour are Mrs. Mallard's bedroom armchair, the open window, and the heart problem. After hearing the news of her husbandr's death, Mrs. Mallard rushes to her room to be alone, where she sat in her armchair. The armchair symbolizes the news of the death of Mr. Mallard started sinking in. In the story, the armchair was described as a comfortable and roomy symbolize a feeling of warmth and freedom in her life. An armchair is a place where she felt like herself, a comfort zone. The Author describes the armchair as an escape from her marriage. In the chair, Mrs. Mallard felt something came over her, but she didnt know what it was. The Author uses descriptive language to portray Mrs. Mallardr's true feelings. Sitting in the armchair gazing out the open window symbolizes the freedom presented to her. The open window shows a life that she wanted but now have an opportunity to live it. The springtime describes outside the window show a new beginning for Mrs. Mallard as a single woman free to do anything she pleases. An example of this is she smells the fresh scent of the rain coming from the outside, she sees trees moving in the wind. The Author use these descriptive words to show the freedom Mrs. Mallard feels. Mrs. Mallard whispered free, free, free this show she was imprisoned in her marriage and faces a difficult life with her husband and waited for a chance to be free. You could tell with her husband she was restrained and that he has control over her. The Author uses Mrs. Mallard's heart trouble to show the weakness of the marriage between Mr. Mallard and Mrs. Mallard. In most marriage, the heart would be a symbol of love but in this story, the heart shows the lack of freedom in the marriage. Mrs. Mallard felt trapped, I said this because after the news of her husbandr's death she felt joy after grieving for a short moment. Another symbolism that was presented was that Mrs. Mallard dies of joy or a hearted disease. When Mrs. Mallard collapse the doctor said she died of joy due to seeing her husband alive, while many would believe that she dies due to a broken heart. She was broken heart because after seeing her husband the joy that she felt was taken away from her. The sense of freedom she felt was taken from her. Mrs. Mallard dies of shock that was brought on by the realization that her newly found freedom she felt was once again out of her reach. Finally, Kate Chopin uses many details to display how Mrs. Mallard felt in her marriage. From tell readers about Mrs. Mallard heart trouble to the open window. There were many symbolisms in the story that represent the weakness in the marriage and the freedom she felt. Kate Chopin used the heart condition to show weakness in the marriage and to show what society thought of women back in the 19th century. The doctor proved that in society the woman would be happy that her husband is alive instead of dying of shock due to her freedom being taken away. The open window represents the new freedom she found and the new beginning for her.
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