Should Graffiti be Considered Art or Vandalism

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What is graffiti? Graffiti is writing or drawings made on a wall or other surface. This artwork did most times without permission, I understand this is why people say it is vandalism. If you glanced at the sites, no matter where you are, you can find graffiti. It will be in forms of writing(tagging), pictures, symbols, and many other forms.

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“Should Graffiti be Considered Art or Vandalism”

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Graffiti is one of those topics found in conversation. To most people graffiti is destructive and unforgivable. There will be others that find that graffiti is a work of art. Graffiti’s remembered in big cities, small towns, and villages. Anyone can create graffiti. I understand graffiti will appear on all sorts of structures, including train boxcars, buildings, walls, and many other structures.

My first thought of this as well, I believe graffiti will be both art and vandalism. First, it will depend on the work or creation of the artist, and the message it carries to everyone who sees it. A good graffiti is an allowed expression of art. Course bad graffiti is a work that is unwelcome So I went back to my hometown of Rogers, Arkansas, where there remains a set of several examples of bad graffiti. This site consisted of foul language, tagging, and inappropriate scenes. There remain three tunnel-like features that remain covered in this graffiti. The scene is a popular place for kids and teenagers go hang at.

The second claim that I’m making is on positive graffiti. I live in Bentonville, Arkansas. Here you will find buildings, walls, and sidewalks covered in Graffiti. Bentonville is using positive graffiti art all over the city here. We believe adults, children, and teenagers shall consider to express themselves, with whatever art form they see fit to use. Our City has a museum here that welcomes graffiti art. They believe graffiti is a healthy way for artists to express their creativity. Course if the artwork is small or large, all art is welcome.

The third claim that I’m making is on honorable graffiti. Several people have used graffiti to make memorial art for someone who has perished from this Earth. Some examples of this type of art are as follows: Chester Bennington memorial, Aaliyah Memorial, and the famous Tupac Shakur memorial. Honestly, graffiti is natural for good than bad.

The fourth and final claim that I’m making is on positive graffiti. Most artists who started using graffiti ended up making a career of their artwork. Many artists in the world have managed to create their own businesses. By doing this they made thousands of dollars off their work. They share their work with the world. This has helped several rid themselves of bad living situations, and to secure a better future for their families.

From the video I watched on this topic, I gotta say I disagree with the man’s views. He says, “That graffiti is vandalism, and he doesn’t want it on his buildings.” This is fine. He is wrong and refusing to see the art with an open mind. The gentleman sees the bad points of the art. He is looking at the artwork from a different perspective. I believe he is being judgmental and greedy.

He repeats, “That he doesn’t want to see graffiti on his building or any building around him.” Of course, today groups of people from different cities, towns, museums, are using and accepting graffiti as a positive form of art. This is another form of art, a way of expressing one’s self. I understand that graffiti has been in our history for a long time, maybe longer than we realize. If you read the history of graffiti, you will find it has an amazing timeline.

In conclusion, graffiti will be both vandalism and art. We have to choose how we have art seen in others eyes. Graffiti is another way like all other art forms, a way to express one’s self. I believe people should have an open mind on art. Whether anyone else agrees with me, I believe art is art no matter what form it seems as. Everyone should enjoy all the art forms in the world.

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