Giving Advice to a Friend

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If I could advice to anyone, I would give it to Demi Lovato. Demi had made choices that changed her life completely. Demi started her acting career at a young age, which could of caused stress. The advice I would give to Demi is to think of the consequences before doing drugs.Demi overdosed a couple times and had to go to rehab for months.

Demi started her acting career at a very young age,she would go to meetings to be in shows or movies and never made it. After one meeting Demi got her first job. In 2002, Demi was casted in “Barney and Friends” as Angela. In 2007, Demi starred in “Camp Rock” as Mitchie Torres. Most people believe the Demi is a bad person for her drug use but, demi is not a bad person. ¨With all of her professional accomplishments ,Lovato remains devoted to giving back.By talking openly about her personal experiences, she has become a role model for many ,speaking out against bullying among other issues.¨ Demi has helped multiple organizations like,”Red Cross”, “St.Jude Children's Research Hospital, “STOMP Out Bullying”, and many more.  Demi has gone to St Jude Children? Hospital to see the kids and experience their lives. She has also sang at fundraisers that supported different causes.

Demi lovato is a twenty- six year old with a lot of problems. Her first major overdose was when she turned eighteen years old. Demi was sober for six years and currently,after her recent overdose,she has been sober for six months, with the help of the rehab she went to. Her recent overdose was just last year, she was twenty six at time. The advice I would give Demi would be to not do drugs, drugs had controlled her life. Demi missed out on a lot of things. She could’ve wrote so many songs or celebrate with friends and family. Demi also missed many opportunities in making her career a bigger success. Although Demi has missed opportunities, she has also made huge changes to her life. In the past, Demi has always went back to the one thing that hasn't gave up on her,drugs. Even though she worked hard to stop drugs, it's hard to stop. She has relapsed when she felt lonely or not good enough. “Neurotransmitters- too many,too few, or simply the wrong ones- may be the cause of conditions such as depression or anxiety .”  She isn’t a bad person for wanting to be okay or feel okay with herself. She isn't a bad person for doing the drugs, she just makes bad choices.

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