Gift of the Magi

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In the story, “Gift Of The Magi” by O. Henry, Della, the main character is happily married to Jim, but they don’t have a lot of money. When Christmas time comes around neither of them can afford to buy the gift they would want to give each other, so they must sell their most prized possessions. Della spends a lot of time thinking about what she would like to get her husband. Della is a thoughtful character because she cares so much about the gift she wants to get for Jim, she is also thoughtful about the things she values, and above all, she loves Jim unconditionally.

In the beginning of the story, Della is upset because she does not have enough money to get Jim the gift she would like to give him. Della cares a lot about the gift she wants to get Jim. She had been thinking about it for a long time and was only able to save $1.87 for his gift. In the story it says, “she had had many happy hours planning something nice for him. Something nearly good enough. Something almost worth the honor of belonging to Jim.¨(2).

This shows she is thoughtful because she spent so much time planning his present, but she knew she couldn’t afford something really special. She then decides to cut of her hair and this allows her to get more money for the gift. Once she had enough money, she went out shopping and thoughtfully went from store to store trying to find the perfect gift for Jim. Della’s gift giving thoughtfulness shows that she really wants Jim to have something special. Even when she gives Jim the gift she wants to make sure he knows that she hunted all over town to find it. Della is also thoughtful about the the things she values. Della thinks highly of her hair and Jim.

“Della knew her hair was more beautiful than any queens jewels and gifts” (2). Della doesn’t have much, so since her hair is special, and because she is so thoughtful she takes what is special about herself and uses it to buy a gift for her husband. She also values her love for Jim. On Christmas, Jim comes home and sees that Della has cut her hair, she is worried that Jim won’t love her. “Maybe the hairs of my head could be counted, she said , “but no one could ever count my love for you.” (5) She values his love and wants to be thoughtful about how to please him with the right gift.

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