“The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka: Grete and Gregor

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In the story The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, he has settled on many decisions that has made the audience question or wonder why he has picked certain things in the story. A decision Kafka has made is the relationship among Gregor and Grete, and how it is has fallen as the story went on. Kafka has made the decision to show the drastic change of their bond as well as how they felt for each other. He was able to represent this change by the use of actions, setting, and by the change of characteristics through characters. This relationship has carried significance to the story since it has brought its defining moments just as how the audience may perceive the work.

At first Gregor's and Grete's relationship was starting off well. Grete would take care of him despite his transformation. “To find out his likes and dislikes, she brought him a wide assortment of things…” (Kafka, 17) She would help clean his room and would even give him food to eat. Gregor is exceptionally grateful of her and has always been close to her. This demonstrates that even though Gregor wasn't acting like himself that, Grete understands and cares of him Kafka has made the choice that Grete seems like that she didn’t mind Gregor’s metamorphosis. His parents didn’t seem to care for him.All they really want from his is his money. However, since Grete didn’t seem to be bothered of his change, she is his last hope. At a first glance, the audience may think that Grete is the main individual who thinks about Gregor because his parents isn’t understanding or appreciative of him, but Grete demonstrates these perspectives.

Grete is still loving and caring. The only real difference is that their parents having more hatred on Gregor and only needing him for his money. Grete is thoughtful and even tries to feed Gregor and show him some love that he never receives from their parents. For Kafka to describe his room still clean and putting little details like Grete feeding Gregor even though he is a whole different being, indicates how environmental details and small actions, can allow the audience to see the big picture between their relationship, without being cautious of it.

Later, Grete's character has begun to change towards him. She was first caring and thoughtful but has turned angrier and not understanding. Their relationship has fallen and has become distant. It has turned into a one-sided relationship. It was like everything that she thought of Gregor has been thrown out the window. Kafka has made Grete bothered and annoyed of Gregor later on in the story to show how people change and grow tired of you when you can’t help them in their lives.”” Come we’d better go back into the living room for a minute. “Grete’s intent was clear to Gregor..” (Kafka. 26). She didn’t even try to acknowledge the fact the he wanted to do great things for her life as she transitions to a woman. After a while, she just gives up on him. Gregor still cherishes her and still wants the best for her. Regardless he attempts to be supportive and understanding. Grete didn't want to be near him nor be associated with him. She even has stopped acknowledging Gregor to a point where she wanted “to get rid of it.” (Kafka, 37) The author made Gregor understanding and grateful of her regardless of how much Grete treated him near the end of the story. This can make the audience question on why the author has made Grete's perspective of Gregor has changed. Also, why Grete couldn't stand Gregor any longer even after she has been with him on his change for some time.

Seeing drastic changes like a messy room, his father getting a job, and Grete belittling Gregor, many can tell that the author had a reason for the doing. Changing the setting and seeing how a person can change from one day to another, shows how Kafka was able to create a different perspective by alternating these different factors one at a time. He may have done this to show how people’s true colors come out after you’ve changed. He wants the reader to see what an impact someone can make in people’s lives, even if you don’t even realize it. The audience was able to tell how things changed when Gregor couldn’t go to work and provide for his family anymore once he turned to a bug. Changes like his dad getting a job, Grete entertaining the borders, from having a made to a little old lady, etc. The funny thing is, is that once he dies it is like they had a new life and forgets everything that has happened. Grete is able to make Gregor die and even make her parents think how Gregor isn’t good enough in the end.

This relationship is important to the story. An example is that Grete's actions towards Gregor was the hitting point on how Gregor seen himself. He became so insecure and lost who he was just because of how everything was building up, until it all fell apart. Grete was the last person in his life that he had left, but even she has let him down. Kafka has turned their relationship to a point where Gregor has been more depressed as well as feeling more guilty and ashamed of himself. This can make the audience think of what might have occurred if Grete remained with Gregor the entire time. The audience may think “How might the story change if Gregor wasn’t a bug?” or “What if Grete stayed with him through the end? The possibilities are endless if Kafka had decided to change how he wrote the book. Kafka has made the choice to make Gregor very vulnerable and lonely to the point he suddenly dies.

The audience is able to see how this little lesson contributes into the main meaning of The Metamorphosis. Through these siblings relationship, we learn how people can leave and change on you once they realize that you can't offer any benefits towards their own life. You are not useful. One meaning many may see from the story is how soon Gregor’s own family doesn’t see him as human, by using words like “it” for example. The audience may also see that Gregor is still the same human, in the inside. His family has judged his physical appearance and is blind to see that he is still the same person. You may have figured out that Gregor was soon comfortable in his new body. However, he was able to question himself on what the purpose of life is. If you think about it, he had turned into a beetle because of how he and people in his life viewed him as a real insect in the real world. People see insects as nasty and unwanted creatures. This indicates the same thing for Gregor, even when he was a physical human being.

Through this relationship, you can tell how important Kafka’s choices are in the story and how it impacts how the audience sees the work. Being able to see little changes until the whole idea came through was important to Kafka’s work. He wanted to show the audience inside changes like setting and small actions until it all adds up in the end. Kafka influences our thoughts, our opinions, as well as how we read the story. This shows us how important and how impactful the author’s choices is for us. Gregor and Grete’s relationship was a good example of this because Kafka has had to go through many decisions with this relationship to see what their final path will be. The audience has been able to see a vivid, clear, as well as arising curiosity between Gregor’s and Grete’s relationship because of Kafka’s choices. If we weren’t thinking about these choices, we wouldn’t see how important it is as well as seeing the bigger picture outside the story itself.   

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