Della, and Jim from “The Gift of the Magi”

"The Gift of the Magi" is about a couple, Della, and Jim, with little to no money. They both had one prized possession that meant everything to them. For Della, that prized possession was her hair, and for Jim, that prized possession was a gold pocket watch that had been passed down in his family for generations. On Christmas evening, Della found herself looking for a gift to give to Jim. However, she only had $1.89 to work with. She soon realized that, you can't really buy much with $1.89. Della thought of how she could get money, so that she could buy Jim a gift. Della then realized that she could sell her hair, her oh so beautiful hair. She looked at her hair for one last time in the mirror. Della earned $20 from selling her hair, but what could she get for Jim? She looked all over town, and she finally saw it, a golden chain that would go just perfectly with Jim's pocket watch. Simple, but oh so valuable. Della looked at the price tag and sighed, $21. She looked at her $21.89. She knew that she just had to get that golden chain, it was as if it was made for Jim. She decided to buy it. Della went home and sighed, her hair was gone... She tried to imagine what she'd say to Jim when he came back, would he still think that she's beautiful, would he still love her? Suddenly, she heard a rustling of keys outside the door, Jim. Della tried to make herself look presentable. She fixed her hair up a bit and went towards the door. She tried to explain to Jim, but Jim cut her off. He said that just because Della cut off her hair, he could never stop loving her. Della sighed and finally, decided to tell him about the golden chain, but then Jim took something out... Those beautiful combs that she would admire every day, but knew she could never buy. However, Della had already cut hair. How could she use the combs if she didn't have any hair to comb through, and Jim, he had sold his pocket watch. What would you do with a chain but no pocket watch?

In this story, Della and Jim wanted to buy each other gifts, but they didn't know how they could do that with the little money that they had. Because of this, they both decided to sell their most prized possessions. Della and her hair, and Jim and his pocket watch, but of course, they both got gifts for each other that could only be used with the things that they sold. Jim bought Della beautiful combs for her hair, but Della sold her hair. Della bought a golden chain for Jim's pocket watch, but Jim sold his pocket watch. You would expect that the story would be perfect, Della being able to put Jim's pocket watch on the golden chain, and Della combing through her hair with the combs that Jim had bought her. Wouldn't that just be a perfect scenario?

The theme of this story is about sacrifice and that money can't buy everything. You may think well, can't money buy everything? In reality it can't. Things like love can never be bought with something like money. Even if Della and Jim didn't have much money, they still loved each other. Also, in the story, Della and Jim both gave up their most prized possessions to buy each other gifts. The whole story of 'The Gift of the Magi" revolves around this idea

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