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George Orwell's intent when writing the book Animal Farm is to describe the achievements of the Communist Revolution in 1917, has created a more authoritarian government, more repression, and more carnage. Animal Farm is an allegory of the Russian Revolution. Manor Farm is the picture of Russia before 1917 period with the equivalent figures as follows. Mr. Jones represents Nicholas II, the last emperor of Russia, a weakling, who did not accept reforms. Under the Tsar, millions of Russians who suffered hunger and repression like the animals in the farm Manor. Pig Old Major is the prophet of Animal Revolution, is the pig has planted in the mind of an animal in another insurgent ideology.

These are pictures of Marx, dreamer of a global revolution, of a classless society. This old pig was the image of Vladimir Lenin (1870/1924), a man without concession, has changed into Soviet Russia, a country organized by the Communist ideal. Pig Napoleon is the main character in the series. Perhaps the author of this particular name used to refer to Emperor Napoleon of France, a dictator in power to dominate after the revolution for freedom, equality and fraternity. Pig Napoleon in the series also represents Joseph Stalin (1879/1953), a person is not interested in discussion and ideas focus on actions, on gaining power through terrorist attacks and purge. Pig Napoleon used these dogs as aggressive enforcement of massacres like Stalin used the KGB agencies to eliminate rivals and become a more powerful dictator. The ferocious dogs also are images of World Police, Secret Service of the Communist regime.

When writing the novel Animal Farm, George Orwell is the writer absolutely no trust in the political parties of the Left and the Right. Way radical socialist his personality than politics, he defended the rights of individuals against the demands of the organization, he attacked totalitarian regimes exist in the British Empire in India and Burma during the fascist dictatorship in Spain, in the Soviet Communist regime of the Soviet Union and all the cruelty, not respected individuals in the public hospitals of many countries. Even for the 7 teachings this is taught to the learned animal by heart, but also some animals too ignorant, learn not belong to the article! So Snowball summed up all of the doctrines into a memorable maxim: four legs are good, two legs are bad. At this time developing fascist and authoritarian regimes: Italy had Mussolini seize power, Germany was in Hitler's hands. In Spain, a new social government was born, promising land reform, electoral reform and separating the church from the government.

On his return to England, George Orwell reported on the eyes, but no one believed. He realized that the social ideals that were suppressed not by the right wing, but by the very Left of the Communists, and also recognized the inability of the Communists, that they did not accept the real. Talents of George Orwell expressed in creating the situation has flexibility, has caused a bad reputation, the author has used the actions of the animals to criticism, sarcasm vices and evil act of man criticize every kind of organization that the test results often lead to the kind of autocratic management, to how cruel deception and worse than before. The author says, “Animal Farm will not, like Uncle Tom’s Cabin, contribute to changing history within a decade or so” (Orwell 27). A few individual animals of vaguely remembered that when Jones is still here, the situation of life of the animals hardly inferior to the present.

But according to the propaganda on the day, jones fears will dust book that returned deeply embedded in such animals as a conditioned reflex, so is the flood of animals is no longer a word to say about the privileges of the pig. The purpose of George Orwell in writing the Animal Farm story is to depict the outcome of the 1917 Revolution, which has created a more authoritarian, repressive, and brutal government. Manor is a picture of Russia before 1917. The author tells the truth on the novel and Animal Farm is an allegory of the Russian Revolution. The talent of George Orwell demonstrates how to create situations that are both flexible and reprehensible. The author uses the actions of animals to criticize, ironically vilify and act evil human, critique every type of organization whose test results often lead to tyrannical types, to more brutal and worse deception. 

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