Hiroshima: Father Wilhelm Kleinsorge

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Many character in Hiroshima has perseverance but, Father Kleinsorge was the one that was different from the rest. The character’s full name is Father Wilhelm Kleinsorge, or also known as Father Kleinsorge. Father Kleinsorge is from Hiroshima, a historical non fiction novel written by John Hersey. Father Kleinsorge is a german priest living in Hiroshima. Father Kleinsorge has perseverance which includes motivation, interest, and confidence.

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“Hiroshima: Father Wilhelm Kleinsorge”

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Starting of, Father Kleinsorge definitely have motivation. Father Kleinsorge was terribly sick, had diarrhea and fever, but still had a motive to continue to do mass even after he fainted. Father K had a motivation to continue to serve the church. But a couple of days later, while attempting to say mass, he had an onset of faintness and even after three attempts was unable to go through with the service (67-68). Next, Father Kleinsorge has interest in Japanese culture. He was devoted to Japanese culture that he even changed his name. Father Kleinsorge has interest in Japanese and their ways Father Kleinsorge was married to Japan. (111) Lastly, Father Kleinsorge has confidence. Since Father Kleinsorge was terribly sick, he went to go to the hospital. They didn’t tell Father Kleinsorge, but he heard the doctor proclaimed that he was going to die, since no one actually survived the sickness. But Father Kleinsorge believe that he will survive and he did. He’ll die Father Kleinsorge was discharged from the hospital in Tokyo (74,79).

In conclusion, Father Kleinsorge has perseverance which contains motivation, interest, and confidence. Even though he was terribly sick with diarrhea and a fever, he had motivation to continue to keep doing mass. Father Kleinsorge after recovery, traveled to Japan and fell in love and was so interest about the Japanese and their cultures. And to finish of, no doctors or nurse believe that he would survive, since every of their other patients died. But Father Kleinsorge had confidence that he would survive his conditions, even if the conditions was very bad.

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