Relationships between Amir, his Father and Hassan in the Kite Runner

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A relationship with your father is really important in your life as well as a relationship with a close friend. In the story, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, Amir had maintained and developed these kinds of relationships throughout the story. Amir and Baba had always had a rough relationship while Baba had an ideal idea for his son, which Amir could not reach, resulting in them not being close like a normal father-son. Amir and Hassan had many different ideas on their relationship. Amir thought of it as a friend or as a servant relationship. Amir was too prideful of his idea of Hassan being his servent that it has caused some problems, which caused the relationship to take a turn for the worse. Hassan and Sohrab had a valuable father-son relationship, which unfortunately had to end when Hassan got killed and Sohrab losing his father figure. When Amir comes into Sohrabr’s life, he turns into the new father figure of Sohrab by taking on both characteristics of Baba and Hassan. Throughout the story of The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, Amir has developed different kinds of relationships with Baba and Hassan which helped him develop a better relationship with Sohrab.

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“Relationships between Amir, his Father and Hassan in the Kite Runner”

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Relationship Between Amir and His Father (Baba)

Baba and Amir never had the best father-son relationship due to many problems in which Amir not feeling the full love his father was supposed to give him which cause Amir to try to find ways to make satisfy his father no matter what. Amir would do anything to get Babar’s love which could bring Amir to do some regretful things. Baba would want the best for Amir but, that is part of the problem when he said, By Baba saying this, it seems like Baba wants Amir to be like him. One big thing is that Baba does not understand is that Amir is in need of his fatherr’s love and that he needs his approval. This brings their relationship farther away due to Baba always being disappointed in Amir if he does not do anything the way Baba want to which causes Baba to be cold towards his son. Baba does show some concern for Amir but Baba does not really care for him like a son nor does he really would believe if that was his son if he did not see the Even though Baba is smart, he just does not know that Amir may not be like him, and also that he does not see that Amir does try his hardest to find a way into Babar’s heart especially during the Kite Runner match. The results of Babar’s actions, he made Amir believed that winning a match would be the blue kite was the (Hosseini 71) would be better than what he did to Hassan. Amirr’s thirst to win Babar’s heard could be the reason why Amir did not stop Hassan from getting raped, which ruined Amirr’s and Hassan friendship.

Relationship Between Amir and Hassan

Amir and Hassan had a relationship that would be like best friends, but due to Amirr’s pride, the one-sided relationship caused Amir to make mistakes that suddenly changed his relationship with Hassan. There were many times where Amir would have just thought he was a friend and then there were times where he just thought of him as a servant. Hassan does not think that though. He treats Amir like a best friend and a loyal one as well. Many times throughout the story Hassan yells This shows that Hassan would not hesitate to do things for Amir. Hassan is so loyal to Amir, which is shown many times in the story. The time when Hassan was running for the blue kite is one example. Hassan risked his life, running out of his masterr’s control, just to grab the kite for him. Unfortunately, it did not turn out well as Hassan did get raped. Amir could have helped Hassan and said their relationship but he had other plans as he thought He allowed Assef to rape Hassan just because he thought that Hassan was someone different than him. Hassan put himself above Amir when he refused to hand over the blue kite to Assef but Amir could have not done that for Amir. Hassan takes their relationship seriously but Amir just takes it for granted. Amir will soon learn that he will greatly regret that choice in the future, which he would need to make up for.

Relationship Between Amir and Sohrab

The relationship between Amir and Sohrab could be important due Sohrabr’s lost of his father figure in his life as well as Amir is redeeming himself from what he had done to Hassan in the past. The father-son relationship is a big theme in the story as it portrays the different relationship conflicts there were during the story. The moment Amir heard that Sohrab, Hassanr’s son, was stuck in an orphanage, he was very hesitant to help him but now he knows that Sohrab needs him there whether he says it or not. Without Hassan, Amir had to take on the role of the father figure for Sohrab. During the time where Amir was trying to adopt Sohrab, he made mistakes, just like Baba. He tries to get Sohrab to understand that he had to put him in the orphanage for a little while but when Sohrab responds with he made a mistake. He knows that Sohrab hates the orphanage due to all of his memories that had happened there. When Amir makes the mistake, it is similar to how Baba made mistakes but not able to return them as well as how he was not considerate of Sohrabr’s feelings. In the end, Amir tries to redeem himself. As he also takes on Hassanr’s styling of parenting, which is showing love to him for just being himself . Amir had the chance to teach Sohrab kite running, which relates back to Amir and Hassanr’s relationship and how Hassan would always teach his old memories to his son. Amirr’s attempts to become a good father did not go to waste when, . He was making progress on his father-son relationship between him and Sohrab. By having a relationship with Sohrab and taking care of him, Amir had redeemed himself from ruining his relationship with Hassan earlier.


The relationships between Amir and his father and Hassan had been able to shape the relationship he was able to have with Sohrab. He was shown to use both characteristics from Baba and Hassan. With the way Baba raised him, he was finally able to go and take a risk and save Sohrab but, he was inconsiderate of Sohrabr’s feeling at the time. On the opposite end of the spectrum, he was able to use Hassanr’s characteristics to teach Sohrab kite running and it could relive some memories with Hassan. These relationships were shown throughout The Kite Runner and each one of the relationships had help Amir develop into a better father figure for Sohrab.

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